“General Jackson has reached his last days”

Jedediah Hotchkiss (1828-1899) to Sara Hotchkiss, May 10, 1863. Jedediah Hotchkiss Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

I shall go where duty calls, but shall not rashly expose myself to danger – but the charmed circle in which General Jackson and his staff moved is broken & the break was a heavy one -and today it is feared that Gen. Jackson has reached his last days, pneumonia has attacked him, debilitated by his wound, and his physicians think the chances for his recovery are very poor-but I do pray Heaven to spare him, unless in the wise counsel of eternity, he has accomplished the end for which he was created-he said himself that he did not doubt but it was for the wisest of purposes that he lost his army as the revelations of Eternity would show.

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