"More and more of an abolitionist"

John P. Jones to his wife, August 24, 1862. Donald Benham Civil War Collection, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

I am getting to be more and more of an abolitionist. I believe that this accursed institution must go down. We can never have a permanent peace as long as this curse stains our otherwise fair insignia. The Ruler of nations can never prosper these United States until it blots slavery from existence. He can no longer wink at such atrocities. This must be the grand the final issue. . . . Thank God the American Soldier is no longer to be used as a slave catcher, no longer to drive helpless women around at the point of the bayonet, and be obliged to obey orders that make him almost ashamed of being an American Soldier.

This blog complements the Library of Congress exhibition, “The Civil War in America.” This series of posts chronicles the sacrifices and accomplishments of those—from both the North and South—whose lives were lost or affected by the events of 1861–1865. To learn more about the object featured in this blog entry, visit the online exhibition.

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  1. Marvin S. Robinson, II
    February 24, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    Gratitude, APPRECIATION and PRAYERS for the linkages that the Library of ocngress continues to make available to help us broaden our understanding of HOW the UNION became one of the greatest and most important institutions HUMANITY has ever given birth, too

    Maybe 21st century leadership needs to take a break and see that many of today’s arguments, have been addressed and conquered, so that we can get on to a most civilized co-exisitence. In any event, THANK YOU LIBRAY of CONGRESS for doing what’ yALL, do- so very WELL !!!

    Marvin S. Robinson, II
    Quindaro Ruins / Underground Railraod- Exercise 2013