Digital Preservation 2014 in Three, Two, One…

Community Center Free - everybody welcome.

Community Center Free – everybody welcome.

And we’re off! Digital Preservation 2014 starts today and we’re really excited to welcome our colleagues from near and far to Washington DC this week for a full and packed program!

Digital Preservation 2014, the annual meeting of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program and the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, provides opportunities to identify key work and developments in digital preservation guidelines, practices and standards throughout the commercial content and cultural heritage communities.

For the next three days (July 22-24), policy makers, librarians, archivists, curators, technologists, educators and students from the federal, non-profit, private and commercial sectors with a range of digital preservation and stewardship interest will hear from a range of experts and practitioners about the latest trends, developments and project outcomes in the past year.

The main meeting will take place today (7/22) and tomorrow (7/23).  July 24 will be an all-day CURATEcamp on Digital Culture, which is co-hosted by the Catholic University of America’s Department of Library and Information Sciences and will take place at the Catholic University of America, Columbus Law School in Washington, DC.

For years, this meeting has served as a forum for sharing information about concepts, tools and practices to help support a community of practice. And this year we are pleased with the range and depth of speakers and presentations on the program. I encourage you to check out the Agenda (PDF) and Program Guide (PDF) for all the details.

During the past couple of weeks on The Signal we’ve published an ongoing series of posts to highlight and preview the program.  You can find a list of those relevant posts on the digpres14 meeting page.

You can follow the event on Twitter at #digpres14. And if you can’t make it, all plenary talks and panels will be videotaped and will be rolled out online starting next month.  Presentations will be posted on the digpres14 meeting page next week.

We look forward to seeing you either at the meeting or virtually!

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