How to Participate in the September 2015 NDSA New England Regional Meeting

The following is a guest post by Kevin Powell, digital preservation librarian at Brown University.

Credit: Zachary Painter

Credit: Zachary Painter

On September 25th, UMass Dartmouth will host the National Digital Stewardship Alliance New England Regional Meeting with Brown University. We enthusiastically encourage librarians, archivists, preservation specialists, knowledge managers, and anyone else with an interest in digital stewardship and preservation to join us. There are a number of ways to participate this year:

Give a presentation!

We are currently accepting proposals for 10-15 minute presentations. These can range from project reports and collaboration proposals to tool demonstrations and formal research. Share what you’re working on at your organization with your local colleagues! If you have something to share regarding digital stewardship, we’d like to hear about it. Proposals are due August 7th.

Submit a discussion topic!

When registration opens August 14th, registered attendees will have the opportunity to suggest a topic for the “unconference.”  The key idea is that participants define the topics, and everyone who attends participates in the discussions. Attendees will vote on the suggested topics during our free , catered lunch on the day of the meeting. After the second session of presentations, we will announce a line-up of discussions based on everyone’s votes.

Give a lightning talk on an unconference discussion topic!

We set 45 minutes aside at the end of our meeting for 5 minute, informal lightning talks related to the unconference discussions. If your group made some insightful observations or generated helpful documentation, we invite one person from that group to briefly share with everybody.


New England was the very first region to host a regional NDSA meeting in 2013, and this year marks the third annual meeting. There is a strong, vibrant community of professionals interested in digital stewardship and working on a diverse set of projects. We want to collaborate and learn with you! Plus, there are a few beaches nearby, and we will finish with plenty of daylight to spare! Registration opens August 14th.

We hope to see you there!

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