What IRENE Has to Say About Incremental Development and Digital Preservation

The following is a guest post by Chelcie Rowell, 2012 Junior Fellow. A recent behind-the-scenes tour of the Packard Campus of the Library of Congress in Culpeper, VA, offered us Junior Fellows a glimpse into the cutting edge of audiovisual preservation, as well as insight into incremental development of a digital preservation effort. Undoubtedly one of […]

Canned Preserves: Reaching Out from the Classroom and Beyond

The following is a guest post by Kevin Marcou, a second-year student in the School of Library and Information Science at Catholic University of America and a Crowley Company contract worker at the Library of Congress. Recently, while clearing out a backpack, I found a 3.5” floppy disk dating from high school. Of course, I […]

The June 2012 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter is Now Available

The June 2012 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter is now available. http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/news/newsletter/201206.pdf In this issue: The Library of Congress digital preservation blog, The Signal, is a year old A recap of the week-long International Internet Preservation Consortium General Assembly News from The Signal: Defining the “Big” in Big Data; GeoMAPP and the Future of […]

Web Archiving and Mainstreaming Special Collections: The Case of the Latin American Government Documents Archive

When historians of the future want to understand Latin American governments, they are going to be thrilled that curators like Kent Norsworthy from University of Texas Libraries have been preserving Latin American government websites. Since 2005 the Latin American Government Documents Archive  has been collecting, preserving, and providing access to ministerial and presidential documents from 18 Latin […]

Notes from THATCamp Museums NYC

The following is a guest post by Jefferson Bailey, Fellow at the Library of Congress’s Office of Strategic Initiatives. The Humanities and Technology Camp, or THATCamp, is a model for holding low-cost, collaborative “unconferences” at which professionals from a range of different communities can share tools, knowledge, and ideas to support the relationship between the […]

2012 Junior Fellows Working on Digital Preservation Policies

The following is a guest post by Emily Reynolds and Chelcie Rowell, 2012 Junior Fellows. Every summer, the Library of Congress hosts interns as part of its Junior Fellows program. This year, 38 students from across the country were placed in a variety of library departments. Two fellows—Emily Reynolds and Chelcie Rowell—are working in the […]

Harvesting and Preserving the Future Web: Content Capture Challenges

The following is a guest post by Nicholas Taylor, Information Technology Specialist for the Repository Development Group. Following our earlier summary of the recent International Internet Preservation Consortium General Assembly, I thought I’d share some of the insights from the workshop, “Harvesting and Preserving the Future Web. The workshop was divided into three topics: 1) […]

CurateCamp Processing: Processing Data/Processing Collections

Alongside this year’s NDSA/NDIIPP conference, DigitalPreservation 2012, we are excited to try out another kind of meeting, an unconference. In conjunction with DigitalPreservation 2012 we are going to play host to a CurateCamp. For those unfamiliar with unconferences, the key idea is that the participants define the agenda and that there are no spectators, everyone […]