Teaching Digital Library Creation with Viewshare

This is a guest post from Camille Salas, an intern with the Library of Congress. As a first year graduate student at the University of Maryland’s School of Information, I, like many other library students across the country, enrolled in a required course that focused on the organization of information. I often referred to the […]

Imagine What We’ll Know This Time Next Week: An Interview with Bailey Smith and Anne Wootton of Pop Up Archive

The following is a guest post by Jefferson Bailey, Strategic Initiatives Manager at Metropolitan New York Library Council, National Digital Stewardship Alliance Innovation Working Group co-chair and a former Fellow in the Library of Congress’s Office of Strategic Initiatives. In this installment of the Insights Interviews series, a project of the Innovation Working Group of the […]

What Resolution Should I Use? Part 1

The following is a guest post by Barry Wheeler, Digital Projects Coordinator, Office of Strategic Initiatives What is resolution? What resolution should I look for when I buy a scanner? What resolution should I use when using my scanner? These are questions we hear frequently when speaking to people about their digital conversion projects. Unfortunately, […]

Digital Pioneer: Martha Anderson

Martha Anderson – who is one of the driving forces behind American Memory, NDIIPP, IIPC and NDSA – has an effect on most people she comes in contact with. Watch her work a room at a conference. People beam when they greet her and she relaxes them with her warmth and charm, even as she elicits a formal respect from […]

Digital Collections Amplified with Viewshare: An Interview with Meghan Frazer

This is a guest post from Camille Salas, an intern with the Library of Congress. Meghan Frazer is the Digital Resources Curator for the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. She previously worked as a digital resources librarian at Kenyon College where she was the first recipient of the Rick Peterson Fellowship. […]

Pulp to Pixels: Artists Books in the Digital Age

The following is a guest post by Jimi Jones, Archivist of Hampshire College. From November 7th through the 16th, the Harold F. Johnson Library at Hampshire College hosted an exhibition called “Pulp to Pixels: Artists Books in the Digital Age.”  This exhibition of artists books, curated by Andrea Dezsö, Steven Daiber and Meredith Broberg, is a celebration […]

An Update: What Skills Does a Digital Archivist or Librarian Need?

If you are looking for a job associated in some way with preserving/curating/stewarding digital information for ongoing use into the future, you want the right mix of skill and experience to attract the right attention from an employer. I presented my own ideas on this subject a while back, talking from my practical experience as […]