Teaching Viewshare for Academic Work: An Interview with Moya Bailey

This is a guest post from Camille Salas, an intern with the Library of Congress. She interviews Moya Bailey from Emory University.  Moya Bailey is a graduate fellow in the Digital Scholarship Commons at Emory University where she explores critical race, feminist, and disability studies. Her current work focuses on constructs of health and normativity […]

Geopreservation Information for All Communities

You’re a graduate student in a geography education program learning about the concepts underlying a geographic information system, including creating, analyzing and editing geospatial data sets. Part of your coursework also includes learning about the preservation of GIS data. As an academic librarian, your position oversees the gathering and management of geospatial data as well […]

Public Participation and Stewardship of Science: Arfon Smith of Adler Planetarium and the Zooniverse

I’m excited to be able to chat with Arfon Smith, Director of Citizen Science at The Adler Planetarium & technical lead on the Zooniverse projects. Adler Planetarium is the newest member of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (and the first Planetarium to join!). Adler is somewhat unique in that it both collects, preserves and exhibits […]

Doug Boyd and the Power of Digital Oral History in the 21st Century

Digital preservation and Internet access are not only transforming the way we record and convey history, they are also restoring the importance of humankind’s oldest means of storytelling: the oral tradition. One of the most influential leaders in this modern oral-history movement is Doug Boyd, director of the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History […]

The “Spherical Mercator” of Time: Incorporating History in Digital Maps

In 1982 Interstate I-66 opened, providing a direct high-speed connection (except at rush hour) between downtown Washington D.C. and its western suburbs in Virginia. I was barely out of high school at the time so its opening didn’t really register with me, but now I live mere blocks away from the highway so it’s an […]

There and Back Again: Scoping a Web Archiving Project Around the Hobbit

The following is a guest post from Sarah Weissman, a second year student in the MLS program at University of Maryland’s iSchool. This past semester as part of the course Information Access in the Humanities, my classmates and I studied current trends in humanities scholarship. Under the guidance of Kari Kraus we learned about the […]

Planning for National Preservation Week 2013

As this calendar year comes to a close, I’m thinking about my favorite work highlights from this past year. I’m happy to say there have been many, but Preservation Week tops my list. For the past few years, the Library of Congress has celebrated ALA’s Preservation Week, holding public outreach events to promote the importance […]

Before You Were Born: We Were Digitizing Texts

We are all pretty familiar with the process of scanning texts to produce page images and converting them using optical character recognition to full-text indexing and searching. But electronic texts have a far older-pedigree. Text digitization in the cultural heritage sector started in earnest in 1971, when the first Project Gutenberg text — the United […]