Islandora’s Open Source Ecosystem and Digital Preservation: An Interview with Mark Leggott

Open source software is playing an important role in digital stewardship. In an effort to better understand the role open source software is playing, the NDSA infrastructure working group is reaching out to folks working on a range of open source projects. Our goal is to develop a better understanding of their work and how […]

What Resolution Should I Use? Part 3

The following is a guest post by Barry Wheeler, Digital Projects Coordinator, Office of Strategic Initiatives. In Part 1 of this series, we examined how a simple scanner was built and showed how the manufacturer determined their claimed “resolution.”  We noted that the International Standards Organization calls this the “sampling rate” and defines resolution differently.  […]

Emotion, Meaning and Digital Collections

Getting emotional about historical collections is unusual for most people. Ask the average person to free associate words for “archives” and your will hear “dusty, “old,” “dark” and so on. Ask about digital archives and you will likely just get a blank stare. This is an occupational hazard of digital archivists, that awkward first attempt to […]

“The Digital Data Backbone for the Study of Historical Places”: An Interview with Matt Knutzen of the New York Public Library

The South By Southwest 2013 conference is coming up quickly and we’re getting excited for the numerous library/archive and museum activities that will be happening (look for an update on this year’s activities soon). One thing we know is happening is the panel we’re moderating on Why Digital Maps Can Reboot Cultural History.  Matthew A. […]

Personal Digital Archiving 2013: “Everyone Should Have an Archive”

You should have an archive for your personal digital materials. We all should. Archives preserve memories of “me” as well as “us.” Our personal archives also offer exciting new ways to remember and reconstruct our lives. Attendees of the Personal Digital Archiving 2013 conference considered these ideas over two days of presentations and discussion last […]

Born Digital Folklore and the Vernacular Web: An Interview with Robert Glenn Howard

What do pet cloning websites, YouTube videos of fans playing AC/DC’s “Gone Shootin’”, and discussions of the end times on UseNet all have in common? Answer: Robert Glenn Howard has studied and written about all of them in his ongoing study of the vernacular web. Robert Glenn Howard is the Director of Digital Studies and […]

Community Building is What it’s All About

I was exceptionally honored to be asked to give the opening keynote for code4lib 2013, one of the key meetings for library technologists.  People may have thought that I would speak about, well, coding, or repository development, or online tools or even digital preservation. But I didn’t. I talked about community building. The code4lib community […]

Call for Proposals: The Scholarly Use of Web Archives

Each year the International Internet Preservation Consortium holds a day-long public conference in conjunction with their General Assembly. This year’s theme is Scholarly Access to Web Archives: Progress, Requirements, and Challenges, the open meeting will be held Thursday, April 25, 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Presentations are sought that will contribute to the discussion of the scholarly use of […]