Digital Strategy Catches up With the Present: An Interview with Smithsonian’s Michael Edson

For this installment of Insights, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Innovation Working Group’s ongoing series of interviews, I talk with Michael Edson, the Director of Web and New Media Strategy at the Smithsonian Institution. Edson gave a compelling talk at last year’s NDIIPP/NDSA conference, Let Us Go Boldly into the Present I’m excited to take […]

How Do You Staff Your Digital Preservation Initiatives?

The following is a guest post by Jimi Jones, Digital Audiovisual Formats Specialist with the Office of Strategic Initiatives. Digital preservation is an emergent field. Businesses, cultural memory institutions and government bodies that want to responsibly preserve and generate digital assets face significant challenges with respect to staffing. How many staff do we need? What […]

The Immeasurable Library of Congress

The following is a guest post by Nicholas Taylor, Information Technology Specialist for the Repository Development Group. Online photo platforms increasingly support the precise positioning and browsing of user-submitted images in a three-dimensional space. Unsurprisingly, the geographic locations that are most thoroughly blanketed with photos correspond to popular tourist attractions; so many photos are taken […]

Digital Preservation’s Wicked Problems – An Interview With Megan Winget

As part of the recent meeting, DigitalPreservation 2012, there was a very lively panel session on the subject of “Preserving Digital Culture”.  Among the representatives on the panel was Megan Winget, Assistant Professor, School of Information, University of Texas at Austin.  Megan’s talk, “The Wicked Problem of New Media Preservation”  illustrated the complexities of preserving […]

Prognosticating Digital Preservation Infrastructure: Final Results from the NDSA Storage Survey

The following is a guest post by Jefferson Bailey, Fellow at the Library of Congress’s Office of Strategic Initiatives. Over the last few months, we have been reporting results from the storage survey conducted by the NDSA Infrastructure Working Group, one of the five working groups of the The National Digital Stewardship Alliance. See the […]

Training the Digital Curators of Tomorrow

The following is a guest post by Emily Reynolds, a 2012 Junior Fellow. Earlier this month, the Board on Research Data and Information held the Symposium on Digital Curation in the Era of Big Data: Career Opportunities and Workforce Requirements. Bringing together digital curation educators and practitioners, the event featured discussions about the skills required […]

Record Crowd Participates in DigitalPreservation 2012

Apps that want to be good. Messiness and meaning. Mature–and immature–organizations. The Library of Congress provided a forum for innovative insights during its annual digital preservation meeting, held during July 24-25.  DigitalPreservation 2012 drew record attendance of 230 from across the country and around the world. The Library’s National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program […]

Digital Preservation 2012: The Power of Community

In a world of video and web conferencing, text messaging, email, immersive communications and (almost forgot!) telephones, we seem to have eliminated the practical need to ever meet with people face-to-face. So why even have a meeting like we’re holding this week, the Digital Preservation 2012 conference? (July 24-26 at the Sheraton Pentagon City in […]