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Guests entering the National Book Festival, 2014.

Guests entering the National Book Festival, 2014.

The Library of Congress and the Veterans History Project (VHP) are counting down to the National Book Festival, taking place tomorrow, September 5th, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. The event, free and open to the public, will run from 10 am to 10 pm.

In addition to having an opportunity to meet, listen to and get autographs from some of the country’s top authors, purchase your favorite books and speak with representatives from VHP, the U.S. Copyright Office and other Library of Congress divisions in the LC Pavilion, attendees will be treated to a special five-part program presented by VHP from 2:30-7:15 pm. “The Human Side of War” will feature some of the nation’s foremost writers on war who will gather to pay tribute to American warriors of the past 75 years. Panelists include award-winning broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw, who wrote “The Greatest Generation;” Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Rick Atkinson, who wrote the Liberation Trilogy: “Army at Dawn,” “The Day of Battle” and “The Guns at Last Hour;” Elizabeth Samet, a professor at West Point and author of “Soldier’s Heart;” as well as other well-known authors. This special program will be held in the Convention Center’s South Building, 3rd level, Ballroom B.

Go here to read the official “Human Side of War” press release, which includes a detailed list of the authors and their panel topics.

You can also read about the American Folklife Center’s participation in the National Book Festival in this blog post.

Meanwhile, I hope to meet YOU, one of our faithful “Folklife Today” subscribers, so that I can personally thank you for reading our blog.

See you in T-minus 24…

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