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Bike to Work Day May 19

Biking to work is a commuting option that can help you stay fit, reduce carbon emissions, and/or get ready for a race. Whatever your reasons, Bike to Work Day is a fun way to get started on the habit. Lots of riders out there will be new to the habit of cycling to work on Bike to Work Day. Before starting out, it helps to get prepared with information from local biking associations that provide tips about pit stops, volunteer opportunities, riding with kids, and more. It was a biking association, the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), which started the holiday in 1956. In recent times with the increase of traffic congestion, the public’s awareness of the need for alternate commuting methods, and the increased activism from advocacy groups such as LAB, the event’s popularity has surged.

Bike with Blackstone Statue at Prettyman Courthouse in Washington, DC [photo by Kurt Carroll]

When you do hit the pavement, you’ll need to know the rules of the road so you can ride safely. In Washington, D.C., there is a lot of competition for space on our crowded roads. Knowing your rights and responsibilities will help get you to your destination on time and unscathed. Your local biking organization and some biking law organizations that advocate for better legal protection for bikers can provide some guidance. Interested riders can always cycle over to the Law Library, which holds a number of volumes on current and historical biking law both here in the United States and abroad. Any excuse to take a bike ride is a good one!

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190th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Free State of Coahuila and Texas

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