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The First Iterative Update to Congress.gov

The three weeks since we introduced Congress.gov have flown by.  In my initial post on the new system, I mentioned that we will continue to enhance Congress.gov.  The first set of enhancements has gone live.  Jeanine has updated the About Congress.gov page to include: October 2012 Minor updates were made to the system that included: a […]

A Congress.gov Interview with Barry Priest, Web DevAdmin

This week’s interview is with Barry Priest, Web DevAdmin.  This is the third in the new series of interviews that focus on Library of Congress staff who contributed to Congress.gov. Describe your background. My degree is in Theater Design and Technology from Purdue University. That program allowed me the flexibility to pursue interests in CAD/3D rendering, computer science […]

A Congress.gov Interview with Rich Larson, Information Technology Specialist

This week’s interview is with Rich Larson, an Information Technology Specialist within Information Technology Services (ITS).  This is the second in the new series of interviews that focus on Library of Congress staff who contributed to Congress.gov.  The first interview was with Meg. Describe your background. I am from Takoma Park, MD.  I went to Macalester College in St. […]

The Law Library of Congress at the National Book Festival

As we did with AALL, we decided to collect feedback from Law Library staff about their participation in this year’s National Book Festival (NBF).  As I noted in last week’s post, this is the Law Library’s second year for participating in the National Book Festival and here is what some of the Law Library participants had to […]

Furious Tweeting – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Donna Sokol, Special Assistant to the Law Librarian of Congress.  Her most recent posts included a 6-installment series regarding the legal themes in the art and architecture of the Library of Congress’s Jefferson Building. Three of our law librarians were furiously live-tweeting at Wednesday’s Congress.gov launch.  Thirty fingers […]

Introducing Congress.gov!

Today’s post is one that I have been very excited to write for some time now.  My favorite posts involve talking about tweaking, tweeting, revamping, or updating THOMAS.gov.  Today marks the launch of the biggest project that I have been a part of in my professional career.  Today is the launch of Congress.gov, a new […]

The Impact of Russian Laws on US-Russia Economic Relations

The following is a guest post by Peter Roudik, Director of Legal Research at the Law Library of Congress.  In addition to his administrative duties, Peter provides jurisdictional coverage for Russia and other former Soviet republics and explains legal developments in these countries to the Law Library’s patrons.  Russia is currently the subject of discussion […]

Flag Day and the Flag Code

As a reference librarian working on the reference desk in the Law Library Reading Room, I answer a whole range of questions on state and federal law and some days it feels as though every question is on a new topic.  But in fact, there are some topics which are of continuing interest to our patrons, and one of them is flag […]