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Just Published: Law Library of Congress Report on Guest Worker Programs

A report titled Guest Worker Programs was recently added to the list of reports posted on the Law Library of Congress website under “Current Legal Topics” where you can also find a range of other comparative law reports on various topics. The Guest Worker Programs report is based on a study conducted by staff of the Global Legal […]

Turkish Law – Global Legal Collection Highlights

This is a guest post by Wendy Zeldin, Senior Legal Research Analyst in the Global Legal Research Center (GLRC), Law Library of Congress.  It is part of our Global Legal Collection Highlights series. A broad search of the Library of Congress catalog, using “Turkey OR Ottoman AND law” retrieves, as one might imagine, a range […]

Understanding the Aussie Election

Elections for Australia’s federal Parliament will be held this weekend on September 7, 2013.  Initially, in January of this year, the then prime minister, Julia Gillard, announced that September 14 would be the election date.  But in June a new prime minister, Kevin Rudd (who is also a former prime minister), took over and in […]

Global Legal Monitor: June and July Highlights

This installment of my Global Legal Monitor (GLM) Highlights post combines June and July GLM articles.  The articles published in the two months addressed a wide range of legal subjects: Banks and financial institutions; Communications and electronic information; Criminal law and procedure; Education; Immigration; Labor; and Nationality and citizenship.  Below is a list of the top […]