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June 4, 2013 Panel Discussion on Islamic Law

The following is a guest post by Tariq Ahmad, a Legal Analyst in the Global Legal Research Center of the Law Library of Congress.  The Law Library of Congress, along with the Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, held a panel discussion on June 4, 2013,on the role and impact of Islamic law in the developing constitutions and […]

Recent Webinar with Scholar-in-Residence, Orin Kerr

The following is a guest post by Cynthia Jordan, Senior Writer-Editor at the Law Library of Congress. The Law Library of Congress recently hosted an online workshop as part of the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation program on Demography, Technology, and Criminal Justice at the Library of Congress.  The webinar took place over two days: Tuesday, […]

95th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Agreement – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Peter Roudik, Director of Legal Research at the Law Library of Congress. Last weekend, during my sightseeing in Pittsburgh, I took the below picture.  On this day, May 31, 95 years ago, an agreement to establish a new nation called Czechoslovakia was concluded in Pittsburgh.  As that country has […]

The Italian Legislature and Legislative Process: A Recent Institution in an Ancient Legal System

The following is a guest post by Dante Figueroa, Senior Legal Information Analyst at the Law Library of Congress.  Dante has previously written blog posts on canon law and the papacy:  Canon Law Update; Citizenship in the Vatican City State; Medieval Canon Law; and The Papal Inquisition in Modena.   Dante recently spent three weeks at […]

2013 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction

The following is a guest post by Helen White Cauthen, Communications Specialist, Office of Development, University of Alabama School of Law. The annual Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction is given to a book-length fictional work that “best exemplifies the role of lawyers in society in the spirit of Atticus Finch.” John Grisham won the inaugural prize […]

Meet Karin Linhart: A Law Library of Congress Patron

The following is a guest post by Elizabeth Moore, a librarian at the Law Library of Congress.  Karin is our second patron to be interviewed. Alexander Hoffman was the first. Describe your background. Karin Linhart was recently here for five weeks in the Law Library of Congress doing research for her post-doctoral thesis.  Karin is a native of Lauda, […]

The First Feminist Congress of Mexico

The following blog post was a joint effort by Christina Turiano, Jeffrey Helm, and the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress.  March was Women’s History Month; but as Luis de Góngora y Argote would put it, “Fortune yields goods that are not yet writ: when whistles flutes, when flutes whistles.” The serendipitous act of such a rare find as this can […]