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The National Book Festival: New Time, New Place, New Gavel Pencils

Photograph by Andrew Weber

Photograph by Andrew Weber

It is that time of year again – the National Book Festival!    This year the Festival will be taking place on Saturday, August 30th at the Washington National Convention Center.  Once again, Law Library staff are participating in the Book Festival with six staff members manning our booth.  We will have some familiar faces at our table including Elizabeth Moore, Jeanine Cali, Emily Carr and Peter Roudik as well as first timers Nicolas Boring and Dante Figueroa.  Staff will be available to talk about the Law Library’s products such as the Guide to Law Online, the Global Legal Monitor which covers legal developments around the world, and Congress.gov.  We will have handouts which list our various websites and social media outlets and we will have a new handout this year with resources for teachers and students.

Staff at the Book Festival will also be working to stoke enthusiasm for the Library’s upcoming Magna Carta exhibit opening on November 6, 2014.  And to help fire up your enthusiasm we will be giving away some of our famous gavel pencils.   This year the legend on the pencils commemorates the upcoming Magna Carta: Muse and Mentor exhibit to serve as a reminder to visit the Library this November when one of the great historical treasures of the Western World will be on view.  The 1215 Lincoln Cathedral Magna Carta starring in this exhibit will be on loan from the Lincoln Cathedral but the supporting cast of books will be drawn from the Law Library and Library’s own collections.  Nathan Dorn, who is curating the exhibit for the Law Library, will be on hand at the Book Festival to give a talk about the material he has selected from the Library’s collections.

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