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In Custodia Legis Named One of the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100

On Monday, I learned the Law Library’s blog, In Custodia Legis, has earned a spot in the 2014 ABA Journal’s Blawg 100, the annual list of “the best in blogs about lawyers and the law.” We have reviewed the ABA nominations list in the past for possible blawgs to include in our archive.  Being nominated, especially as a government blog, is very meaningful to us.  Our goal since the launch of In Custodia Legis four years ago has been to provide a window into our unique part of the government, working for Congress and the public at the Law Library of Congress.  BasicIllustratorFileLetter--CS

In Custodia Legis is authored by a terrific team composed of Barbara BavisRobert BrammerKelly BuchananJeanine CaliKurt CarrollJennifer DavisNathan DornClare Feikert-AhaltTina GheenHanibal GoitomRuth LevushBetty LupinacciFrancisco MacíasDonna SokolAndrew WeberMargaret Wood, and Laney Zhang.  Kimberly Allen also does a wonderful job editing our posts.  In addition, we have had a number of other people contribute over 230 guest posts.

“No longer to be confused as a fad or the realm of the tech-savvy, law blogs are rooted in the legal media landscape,” Allen Pusey, ABA Journal Editor and Publisher, said. “While traditional media sources often break news, law blogs dive deeper to offer insight into what the news means for clients, the legal profession and the public. They are sometimes-irreverent watchdogs of the bench and bar. And the ones on our list are well-written and, more often than not, entertaining.”

I was also pleased to see The Third Branch News included with us, too.  Our two blogs are the only .gov blogs listed in the 2014 Blawg 100.  I didn’t see any .gov blogs on the more recent 2013 Blawg 1002012 Blawg 100, or 2011 Blawg 100 lists.

The blogs are organized into 13 categories, and In Custodia Legis can be found under the Legal Research/Legal Writing category.  Now go vote!

And if you haven’t already, you can subscribe to In Custodia Legis by RSS and email.

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