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An Interview with Jeffrey Helm, Hispanic Division Intern

This week’s interview is with Jeffrey Helm.  Jeffrey is an intern at the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress. Jeffrey came to the Library of Congress through the Hope College Washington Honors Semester program. During his internship he has been tasked with working on a second (and now third) iteration of the Hispanic Division’s Distant Neighbors:  […]

An Interview with Pamela Howard-Reguindin, Nairobi Field Office Director

Meet Pamela Howard-Reguindin, Director of the Library of Congress field office in Nairobi, Kenya.  Pamela and her staff collect most of the materials that Law Library staff as well as our patrons use to conduct research on various African jurisdictions.  We are very grateful to them! Describe your background. San Diego, California is my home […]

An Interview with Jason Steinhauer, Program Specialist

This week’s interview is with Jason Steinhauer.  Jason is a Program Specialist in the Office of Scholarly Programs of the Library of Congress. Describe your background. I’m a New Yorker through-and-through, in everything from how fast I walk to my subsistence on pizza and bagels.  I was born at Albert Einstein Hospital in the Bronx and […]

An Interview with Rick Fitzgerald, Librarian

This week’s interview is with Rick Fitzgerald, a Librarian in the Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate of the Library of Congress. I grew up in Sparta, New Jersey, and moved to Arizona in 1994, where I lived on and off for nine years. I have also lived overseas for brief periods – in the Netherlands and […]

An Interview with Orin S. Kerr, Scholar-in-Residence

In June, Orin S. Kerr was named the Scholar-in-Residence for the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation Program on Demography, Technology, and Criminal Justice at the Library of Congress.  As someone who is interested in law and technology, I have really enjoyed serving on the advisory board for the Guggenheim Foundation Program, which Cynthia Jordan coordinates.  Orin is also a blogger, writing for The Volokh Conspiracy (one […]