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Library Cart – Pic of the Week

We have written many posts highlighting materials in the Law Library’s collections, but today we are providing a glimpse of the day-to-day work which goes into keeping our collections up-to-date.  This library cart contains replacement volumes, pocket parts and softbound supplements which Alex LoBianco will file in the Law Library Reading Room.  Although the work is […]

June Retrospective: We’ve hit 500

Our interview with Roberto Salazar on June 21 marked our 500th blog post.  Additionally, we had a number of posts regarding law in art and architecture from Donna and Meg.  Donna was our virtual tour guide for law in the Jefferson Building while Meg explored the Vatican Museums.  We welcomed our scholar-in-residence Orin S. Kerr […]

Global Legal Monitor: June Highlights

The top ten most viewed Global Legal Monitor (GLM) articles for June covered a host of interesting legal subjects: Communications and electronic information; criminal law and procedure; elections; immigration; labor; nationality and citizenship; pension and retirement; and war crimes. Below is the list of the ten most popular GLM articles in June: South Korea: Permanent […]

Update on Medieval Canon Law, and How to Deal with a Complex Book

The following is a guest post by Dante Figueroa, Senior Legal Information Analyst at the Law Library of Congress. Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law: Esztergom, 3-8 August 2008 While reviewing some new Italian legal materials, I became intrigued by a monograph recently acquired by the Benelux, France and Italy Section […]

Law in Fresco in the Vatican Museums

The following is a guest post by Megan Lulofs Kuhagen, a Legal Information Analyst in the Public Services Division.  Meg has previously posted on a variety of topics including States in the Senate, House Committee Hearings Video, the Cardiff Giant, the Canadian Library of Parliament, football blackouts, and librarian services. We have written about Roman law and canon law before at In Custodia Legis. On my recent trip […]