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Dutch Translation of the U.S. Constitution from 1788 – Pic of the Week

The Law Library of Congress houses approximately 60,000 rare items, 25,000 of which are housed in our climate controlled vault. The Law Library’s rare books collection is managed by our Rare Books Curator,  Nathan Dorn. For an item to be considered rare, it typically must have been published prior to 1801.  This 1788 translation of the U.S. […]

Most Visited Pages on our Website in 2012

Happy New Year!  Here at the Law Library of Congress we are looking forward to another busy year filled with fascinating research, great public events, and (of course) many wonderful law books—old and new!  We try very hard to share our resources and expertise with as many people as possible, including through our Reading Room, […]

Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2012 on In Custodia Legis

We have now completed our second full calendar year of In Custodia Legis.  Our team of bloggers has continued to grow as we aim to share what we learn with you.  We posted just over 240 times in the last twelve months!  And we have been joined by Margaret, Tina, Jeanine, Donna, Barbara, and Robert during that period.  Eleven […]

Qatar’s Legal Portal – Pic of the Week

This is a guest post by Janice Hyde, Program Officer for the Global Legal Information Network. My colleague, George Sadek, and I had the privilege of accompanying Law Librarian David Mao on a recent trip to Doha, Qatar, where David offered opening remarks at a ceremony inaugurating a new portal that provides access to Qatar’s legal […]

Global Legal Monitor: November Highlights

The ten most viewed Global Legal Monitor (GLM) articles in November addressed a wide range of legal subjects: Communications and Electronic information; Constitutional Law; Criminal Law and Procedure; Foreign investment; Immigration; Labor; Nationality and citizenship.  Below is a list of the articles in the order of their popularity: France: Law on Immigration, Integration and Nationality […]

Another Lame Duck Congress: the Last Days of the 112th Congress

Congress is once again in a lame duck session.  The Senate’s Virtual Reference Desk Glossary website defines a lame duck session as: When Congress (or either chamber) reconvenes in an even-numbered year following the November general elections to consider various items of business. Some lawmakers who return for this session will not be in the next […]

An Interview with Orin S. Kerr, Scholar-in-Residence

In June, Orin S. Kerr was named the Scholar-in-Residence for the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation Program on Demography, Technology, and Criminal Justice at the Library of Congress.  As someone who is interested in law and technology, I have really enjoyed serving on the advisory board for the Guggenheim Foundation Program, which Cynthia Jordan coordinates.  Orin is also a blogger, writing for The Volokh Conspiracy (one […]