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What is your Favorite Case? Part 1

It seems that nearly every person who works with the law will, at some point in their career, come across a memorable case that stays with them.  The circumstances could be inspiring, outrageous, or in my case, humorous.  I have already written about my favorite case, Nickerson v. Hodges, 146 La. 735, 84 So. 37 (La. […]

Executive Orders: A Beginner’s Guide

Although they are not specifically mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, Executive Orders have been considered one of the President’s powers since George Washington’s administration.  Executive Orders are exactly what they sound like—orders produced by the President, as head of the executive branch, that are “generally directed to, and govern actions by, Government officials and agencies.”[1]  […]

Transparency – Pic of the Week

We’ve had an update to the Law Library of Congress physical spaces.  The front doors to our main office were recently replaced with glass doors.  We often talk about transparency in government, and the doors are our small symbolic contribution to making our inner workings “see-through.”   The glass also lets visitors see into the […]

Civil War Military Trials

This is a guest post by Pamela Barnes Craig, Instruction/Reference Librarian and co-author of Being Well-Informed:  Congress.gov Training.  As the Library of Congress opens the exhibit The Civil War in America with 200+ unique treasures, there remain many more valuable Civil War collections available for researching and viewing.  The Law Library of Congress has several of […]

Election Laws Around the Globe

This is a joint post drafted by Clare Feikert and Margaret Wood. The Global Legal Research Center has done a number of briefings and blogs, as well as too many Global Legal Monitor Articles to list, on electoral law across various jurisdictions around the world. The Russian Federation, Parliamentary Elections: Legal Issues, 2008; Elections in […]

Israel’s Upcoming National Elections: Background Information

Israel is facing national elections shortly after the U.S. elections. Interestingly, Israel was mentioned more than 30 times  in the October 22, 2012 U.S. presidential debate . There is no doubt that the results of either election will have serious ramifications on both countries’ policies in the Middle East. On Oct. 16, 2012, the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) passed the Law for the dissolution […]