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One Street, Two Jurisdictions, Four Libraries – Pics of the Week

One of my favorite weekend pastimes is urban hiking.  Washington, D.C., especially at this time of year, is perfect for that.  I particularly enjoy walking up and down Georgia Avenue, which extends from parts of D.C. (it changes to 7th Street south of U Street NW) all the way into Montgomery County, Maryland.  One of the reasons I enjoy walking along Georgia Ave is that it goes on forever and, as a person who does not own a smart phone, I do not have to worry about getting lost.  Of course, the fact that it is bustling with people and activities, including various recent construction developments, also makes it an interesting route.

As someone who works at a library, it is hard to miss that there are four libraries on Georgia Ave (yet another reason why this street is superior to most other streets).  These are the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library, the Petworth Neighborhood Library, the Juanita E. Thornton/Shepherd Park Library, and the Wheaton Regional Library.  While the first three are located in Washington, D.C., the fourth is in the State of Maryland.  So, I thought it would be fun to take pictures of these libraries and share them with In Custodia Legis readers.  Enjoy!

Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library

Watha T. DanielShaw Library

Petworth Neighborhood Library Petworth Neighborhood Library

Juanita E. Thornton/Shepherd Park LibraryJuanita E. ThorntonShepherd Park Library Wheaton Regional Library (Montogomery County) Wheaton Regional Library (Montogomery County)

International Law Books – Pics of the Week

This week the annual meeting of the American Society of International Law is taking place in Washington, D.C.  Peter wrote about attending the conference a couple of years ago.  Several of our staff members are attending various seminars, where they will learn about the latest developments in international law from scholars and practitioners from all […]

Senator Hiram Revels

In celebration of African American History Month, our picture of the week is of Hiram Revels, the first African American to serve in the United States Senate. Revels was born a free man in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 1827.  He was first apprenticed as a barber, learning the trade from an older brother, and later […]

Final Magna Carta Gallery Talk – Pic of the Week

For me the Library of Congress exhibition, Magna Carta: Muse and Mentor, actually began on November 5th, a day before the exhibit was open to the public.  Those of us who were fortunate enough to be docents for the exhibit had the privilege of meeting with Christopher Woods, director of the British National Conservation Service, […]

Gallery Talk – Pic of the Week

This week I had the pleasure of attending a gallery talk on “Military Authority and the Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II,” which was given by Robert Brammer of the Law Library and Eiichi Ito from the Library of Congress Asian Division.  This gallery talk was one of several that have been given […]

On Break for the Holidays – Pic of the Week

    In Custodia Legis will be on break for the upcoming holidays – Thursday, December 25 and Friday, December 26 (a holiday by executive order).  We will be back next week – except on Thursday, January 1 – with some end-of-the-year posts! Just last week, the Library of Congress set up its annual holiday […]