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Not All Research is Online (Part 2) – Pic of the Week

Way back in April 2011 we published a Pic of the Week post showing Hanibal holding pages from an interesting-looking book.  We wanted to show that we use a wide range of print resources in our day-to-day research work – including things published in 1869!  I was reminded of that post recently when I walked past Tariq‘s office and saw him surrounded by piles (and piles, and piles) of books.  He was about to start sending some of them back down to the stacks, but I asked him to hold off until I had taken a photo for the blog!  The below photos, taken by Donna, don’t actually have all of the piles showing, but you get the idea.

Tariq is responsible for providing legal research services related to several South Asian jurisdictions and he also covers Canada.  The books in his office show just how broad the range of topics is that we are tasked with researching.  For example, on the book cart in the picture below there are titles such as Canadian Criminal Law (2007), The Hand Book of Muslim Family Laws (2005), Mental Disorder and the Law (2006), Commentaries on the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 (2008), and Migrant Smuggling: Illegal Migration and Organised Crime in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region (2003). Research-books-on-cart

In the picture below, on the closest desk we have things like the Complete Family Laws in Pakistan (2005), The Islamization of the Laws in Pakistan (1994), Mayne’s Hindu Law (13th ed., 1991), and Comparative Constitutionalism in South Asia (2013).  The piles on the far desk include a book on Child Marriages and the Law in India (2006), several books related to the Indian Succession Act, copies of the Gazette of India from 1963, and the Catalogue of Pakistan Laws, 1847-2008.Research-books-on-two-desks

So, do you too have any interesting books in your office at the moment?

American Bar Association Magna Carta Traveling Exhibition – Pic of the Week

On August 8, the American Bar Association debuted the traveling exhibition, Magna Carta: Enduring Legacy 1215-2015, at their annual meeting in Boston.  Nathan Dorn gave a “pop-up speech” at the conference’s expo to discuss how the narrative and images came together to tell the story of 800 years of Magna Carta.  Law Librarian of Congress […]

Tunisian Constitution – Pic of the Week

   The National Constituent Assembly of Tunisia adopted its first democratic constitution on January 26, 2014.  We were fortunate to recently acquire a copy of the new constitution of Tunisia. Not only did we acquire the volume for our collection, Dr. Mustapha Ben Jaafar (Mustafá Bin Ja’far), the president of the National Constituent Assembly of Tunisia, personally […]

A Walking Tour of St. Elizabeths Hospital

In May, I  took a walking tour of the western campus of St. Elizabeths (there is no apostrophe) hospital in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The tour was hosted by the D.C. Preservation League. The hospital is situated high above the city, providing the panoramic view you see pictured below. Dorothea Dix, an advocate for the mentally ill […]