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United States Senate Librarians—Pic of the Week

A primary mission of the Law Library of Congress is to provide the United States Congress with legal research and reference services. We are able to fulfill our mission thanks to the expertise of our global legal research staff and comprehensive collection of international, foreign, and national legal resources.

Another driver in our mission success is our connection to other federal librarians. The United States Senate librarians, for example, help us inform Members of Congress and congressional staff about our online and in-person legal research services. Therefore, we were delighted to have the opportunity to host staff from the United States Senate Library on Friday, June 3 and Monday, June 6. This week’s “pic of the week” shows two pictures from their visit.


Reference librarians from the Senate Library with Bibliographic and Research Instruction Librarian Barbara Bavis (far right). Photo by Donna Sokol.

Barbara provided the Senate librarians with a tour of our new reading room along with an overview of Congress.gov updates and other key online resources. Kelly also met with the group to discuss our foreign, comparative, and international law research services. Finally, the Senate librarians concluded their visit with a tour of our closed stacks, with Betty as their guide.


Reference librarians from the Senate Library with Bibliographic and Research Instruction Librarian Barbara Bavis (far right). Photo by Kevin Long.

We appreciate the United States Senate librarians taking the time to visit us this summer!

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