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Historic Bird’s Eye View of The Library of Congress – Pic of the Week

While packing for my move, I ran across an encyclopedia set that I inherited from my grandmother. With an edition date of 1939, I found many of the entries fascinating, such as “The World War” and “Russia.” I looked under the “Washington, D.C.” entry and loved this picture of the Capitol Complex taken from an airplane. […]

Kungliga Biblioteket, National Library of Sweden – Pic of the Week

I was recently in Stockholm where I paid a visit to the National Library of Sweden (Kungliga Biblioteket, or “KB”), which is situated in a very pretty park.  According to its website, the National Library “has been collecting virtually everything printed in Sweden or in Swedish since 1661.”  A brochure about the Library provides an […]

National Library of Uzbekistan – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Robert Newlen, the Assistant Law Librarian for Collections, Outreach, and Services in the Law Library of Congress.  Robert has previously blogged about Souvenirs from Moscow and Humboldt University Law Faculty in our Pic of the Week series. The Uzbekistan government has recently invested significant resources in improving library […]

Map of African Legislatures – Pic of the Week

This week’s Pic of the Week is a map of African legislative bodies hanging on my office wall.  It provides simple but crucial information on the number of representatives in each African country’s national legislative body and the country’s type of the legislative body, either unicameral or bicameral legislature.  Of the 54 African countries, 24 […]

Professor Joseph Raz – Pic of the Week

This week the Law Library of Congress hosted Professor Joseph Raz who delivered a very thought-provoking lecture for the second Kellogg Biennial Lecture in Jurisprudence.  Professor Raz is a leading proponent of legal positivism, which looks to the sources of laws as the basis for their validity, rather than their content.  During the lecture, he offered […]

Getting Ready for the National Book Festival – Pic of the Week

I took a walk last night down to the National Mall to see how the set-up for the National Book Festival was going. As Andrew mentioned yesterday, we will be there to talk with visitors about how we can help people connect with Congress, including THOMAS. The tent in the foreground is where we will […]

18th Annual GLIN Directors’ Meeting – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Francisco Macías, Senior Legal Information Analyst. The 18th Annual Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) Directors’ Meeting took place at the Library of Congress last week on September 7 and 8.  The representatives from the 24 jurisdictions (including the United States) that attended the meeting are pictured below. The […]