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Pecos National Historical Park – Pic of the Week

During my recent trip to New Mexico, I visited the Pecos National Historical Park.  This park encompasses the remains of two Indian pueblos as well as a Civil War battlefield.  The Pecos National Historical Park and Glorieta Unit of the National Historical Park were established by Pub. L. 101-313, Title II (1990).  The park is 25 […]

October Days of 1789 – Pic of the Week

After Tariq and Clare posted earlier this week on Sedition Law in England and India, I found myself thinking about revolutions.  Naturally the first thing that occurred to me was that today is the anniversary of one of the great events of the French Revolution, the March on Versailles.  You can see a contemporary account […]

Furious Tweeting – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Donna Sokol, Special Assistant to the Law Librarian of Congress.  Her most recent posts included a 6-installment series regarding the legal themes in the art and architecture of the Library of Congress’s Jefferson Building. Three of our law librarians were furiously live-tweeting at Wednesday’s Congress.gov launch.  Thirty fingers […]