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Reading Room Redo: Compact Shelving Edition

First, the books left.  Next, the shelves left.  Then, everything else left.  We also found a few items along the way.  Now, things are coming! Compact shelving has made its way into our Reading Room for the first time.  I was excited to see this when I received the new photos from the Architect of the […]

Friday the 13th: Movies and the Law

We are at it yet again – another post on movies and the law.  This time, in honor of a year with two Friday the 13ths, I looked for movies that inspire horror, fear and terror.  But when I began to pull this list together, I realized that real terror can be found in stories […]

Consumer Protection: A Beginner’s Guide

This post is coauthored by Barbara Bavis and Robert Brammer, senior legal reference specialists. Consumer protection touches on a number of areas of law, and as such, has been broadly defined by Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary as “[f]ederal and state laws established to protect retail purchasers of goods and services from inferior, adulterated, hazardous, and […]

Magna Carta Lecture Series – Magna Carta from Runnymede to Washington: Old Laws, New Discoveries

The Library’s final program of the Magna Carta Lecture series will feature noted Magna Carta scholar Nicholas Vincent on Monday, April 6, 2015. Professor Vincent will present his lecture: “Magna Carta from Runnymede to Washington: Old Laws, New Discoveries” at 1:00 p.m. in the Montpelier Room, located on the sixth floor of the James Madison […]