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Flag Day and the Flag Code

As a reference librarian working on the reference desk in the Law Library Reading Room, I answer a whole range of questions on state and federal law and some days it feels as though every question is on a new topic.  But in fact, there are some topics which are of continuing interest to our patrons, and one of them is flag […]

Orin S. Kerr Named New Law Library Scholar-in-Residence

The following is a guest post by Cynthia Jordan, Senior Writer-Editor at the Law Library of Congress. As the program manager for the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation Program on Demography, Technology, and Criminal Justice at the Library of Congress, I am pleased to welcome Orin S. Kerr as the Scholar-in-Residence for the program.  As Scholar-in-Residence, […]

An Interview with Audrey Fischer, Public Affairs Specialist, Office of Communications

Audrey works in the Office of Communications of the Library of Congress as a Public Affairs Specialist.  She has previously blogged about our Law Day event for the Library of Congress blog.  Audrey also helps craft Law Library of Congress press releases including one on the same Law Day event and on David‘s appointment as the Law Librarian of Congress. Describe your background. I was born […]

May Retrospective: Almost States, MLK, and Cinco de Mayo

States and Cinco de Mayo were popular choices this month when linking to In Custodia Legis and also popular with our readers.  Samford University Library’s Government Documents blog liked Nathan’s post about the states we almost had.  The Lincoln Law School of San Jose Blog noted Meg’s States in the Senate post. The Law Librarian Blog thought Nathan’s […]

Global Legal Monitor: May Highlights

The top ten Global Legal Monitor (GLM) articles for May covered a wide array of interesting legal issues: War Crimes; Treatment of Animals; Immigration and Citizenship; Criminal Law and Procedure; Communications and electronic information; Labor; and Elections. Below are the articles in the order of their popularity: Liberia: Human Rights South Korea: Permanent Dual Nationality […]

Glimpse of Law Series – Installment 1: The East Corridor Mosaic Vaults

The following is a guest post by Donna Sokol, Special Assistant to the Law Librarian of Congress.  Donna will be your virtual docent for a series of posts related to themes of law in the art and architecture of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building.  In this first installment, Donna provides information about some artwork […]