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An Interview with Dr. Mary-Jane Deeb, Chief of the African and Middle Eastern Division

This week’s interview is with Dr. Mary-Jane Deeb, Chief of the African and Middle Eastern Division at the Library of Congress. Describe your background My background is a bit complicated: my mother was Slovenian and  my father was a Levantine from Egypt.  I grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, spoke French at home, and went to […]

The Law Librarian of Congress, Rabbi Kook, Digitization and Israeli Education

On September 6, 2011, staff and management of the Law Library of Congress listened with much interest to Law Librarian of Congress Roberta Shaffer as she shared with us her vision for a World Law Library for the 21st Century.  She reiterated the Law Library’s commitment to acquire, preserve, and provide access to a universal […]

18th Annual GLIN Directors’ Meeting – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Francisco Macías, Senior Legal Information Analyst. The 18th Annual Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) Directors’ Meeting took place at the Library of Congress last week on September 7 and 8.  The representatives from the 24 jurisdictions (including the United States) that attended the meeting are pictured below. The […]

The Articles of Confederation: The First Constitution of the United States

The following is a guest post by James Martin, a Collections and Outreach Specialist, in observation of Constitution Day on September 17, 2011. The need for a united policy during the War of Independence led the thirteen states to draft and approve an organic document for a national government.  In 1776, the Continental Congress created […]

Slate Magazine’s Dahlia Lithwick to Speak at the Library of Congress Tomorrow

The following is a guest post by Karla Walker, Special Projects Researcher for Collections, Outreach, and Services. The Law Library of Congress will host Dahlia Lithwick of Slate Magazine this Friday, September 16th at 4 p.m. Lithwick’s lecture titled, The Supreme Court and Free Speech, will explore the implications of the Supreme Court’s conflicts over […]

Israel’s Social Protest and the Two-Year Budget Cycle: Any Lessons?

In my recent last post I discussed the social protests in Israel and Israel’s balanced budget legislation.  Although a popular protest, it was undoubtedly controversial.  Some question whether the protesters’ call for “social justice” is directed at the middle class instead of promoting the interests of the “weaker populations,” especially those residing outside of metropolitan […]

Learning About the Supreme Court Library

Judith Gaskell, Librarian of the Supreme Court of the United States, who will be retiring soon, was our guest and presenter at a recent Law Library of Congress Power Lunch.  She discussed the history of the Supreme Court Library, the history of the Office of the Librarian of the Supreme Court, and her role as […]