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Nelson Mandela Day – July 18

This is a guest post by Antoinette Ofosu-Kwakye, a Law Library summer intern.  She is working with the Global Legal Research team on research related to English-speaking African nations.  Kelly and Hanibal have both written blog posts that touched on aspects of the life of Nelson Mandela: The Inspiring Story of Nelson Mandela and South Africa Freedom Day.   Today, […]

Interview with Richard Wismer

This week’s interview is with Richard Wismer, a summer intern with the Public Services Division, Law Library of Congress.  The Law Library’s internship program is in full swing and we are introducing all our summer interns to In Custodia Legis readers during the coming weeks. Describe your background. I live in Ellicott City, Maryland, which is […]

A Duel with Rifles

Several years ago, I came across a reference in the Congressional Globe to some sort of crime which seemed to have been committed by a member of Congress.  I was intrigued and being an avid mystery reader, wanted to discover who had done what to whom! The entry which originally caught my eye appeared on […]

European Union Law – Global Legal Collection Highlights

The following is a guest post by Theresa Papademetriou who is the Law Library of Congress Senior Foreign Law Specialist for the European Union, Greece, and Cyprus. Theresa has previously blogged on “European Union: Where is the Beef?“, on “New Greek Regulation Designed to Fight Tax Evasion Problem: Will it Work?” and on “The Cyprus Banking Crisis and […]

Library of Congress Announces First Legislative Data Challenge

Andrew and I have both mentioned the Akoma Ntoso schema for representing law and legislation in XML and enabling easier exchange of this information on In Custodia Legis in the past. Today we have more exciting news for you. To help advance the development of international exchange standards for legislative data, the Library of Congress is […]

The Jefferson County, West Virginia Historic Courthouse – Pic of the Week

The Jefferson County Courthouse in Charles Town, West Virginia was the second courthouse constructed in Charles Town, replacing a more modest structure that dated back to 1803. Built in 1836 on land donated by George Washington’s brother, Charles Washington, the courthouse is still in use today. Charles Town was the site of a trial that altered the course of our nation’s history. In […]