Dino Might!

James Gurney, creator of the popular ?Dinotopia? series of books, is blogging about what it is like to give an author talk at the Library of Congress: When you give a talk at the Library of Congress, they don?t pay you with money. They reward you something far more valuable. Your compensation is to have […]

'Pod People': National Book Festival Authors Do Podcasts

If you haven?t checked out the National Book Festival homepage recently, you might have missed that we have begun uploading podcasts with several of the authors who will be attending the festival on Sept. 29. As of this writing, there are now podcasts from David Baldacci, Ken Burns, Carmen Agra Deedy, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and […]

Interns Find Hidden Copyright Gems

Ever wonder what you might find if you had the opportunity to browse through some of the Library of Congress’s vast and long-forgotten copyright deposits?? (Since 1870, two copies of virtually every creative work published in America must be submitted to the Copyright Office, which is part of the Library of Congress.) For the past […]

Subject Cataloging

I came across a piece today from ?Inside Higher Ed? and felt a need to correct the record. The article, the subject of which was Open Library, stated in part: Q: Some serious questions have come up about the shrinking depth of subject cataloging from the book records issued by the Library of Congress. That […]

Doing In Dewey?

A mini-debate is breaking out among library-philes in the wake of a Wall Street Journal story about an Arizona library that has ditched the Dewey Decimal System for much broader subject headings, catering to a client謥 who are apparently more browsers than researchers. An earlier article claims it to be the first library to break […]