BREAKING NEWS: Hawk Rescued from Main Reading Room

A hawk that became trapped about a week ago in the Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress’s Jefferson Building has been safely captured.  I will update this post a little later with details and images (and possibly video). UPDATE, noon EST: Mark Hartsell, editor of the Library’s weekly staff newsletter, The Gazette, provided […]

He Shall Not Be Forgotten

Working-class men and women, the poor, the destitute – all individuals whom society can sometimes take for granted – held a special place for photographer Milton Rogovin. He made it his life’s work to really see them through his lens and document the humanity of those he called “the forgotten ones.” Just a few weeks […]

There’s No Place Like (a New) Homepage

Starting Monday, Jan. 10, our homepage at–our virtual “front door,” if you will–is getting a new look. Periodically, the Library changes its homepage (and other parts of its site, of course) to make it more useful and more responsive to users’ needs.  This is one of our most ambitious refreshes yet, and many of […]

“I Am Joaquin” Shall Endure

Today the Librarian of Congress named the 25 films that will comprise the National Film Registry’s entries for the year 2010.  These are films that have cultural, historical or aesthetic significance that warrants their preservation for posterity.  All in all, there are 550 films in the registry. Although there is great variety in this year’s […]


Dec. 23 always seems like such a rush–literally.  Rushing to the store for that last-minute gift.  Rushing to the airport to catch your flight to grandma’s.  Rushing to clean the house, pick up groceries and prepare the components of your family’s turkey (or ham or tofurkey) dinner. In that spirit, before everyone rushes off, I […]

“Booking” Your Holiday Party Plans

The following is from our newest contributor to the Library’s blog, Erin Allen, in the Office of Communications.  Erin is a writer-editor who writes our Wise Guide, helps coordinate our calendar of events, and contributes to many of our publications.  She also was acting editor of The Library of Congress Gazette, our staff newsletter, for […]