Over the Wine-Dark Sea …

Monday would have been the 100th birthday of a poet whose translation of Homer’s “The Odyssey” brought me one of the really memorable reading experiences of a lifetime. Robert S. Fitzgerald, who awoke to his interest in poetry at a high school in Springfield, Illinois and whose work translating Homer’s Greek into English – while […]

Gateway to Knowledge Guest Post #5

This is the fifth in a series of guest posts by Abigail Van Gelder, who with her husband, Josh, is journeying across the country on the Library’s “Gateway to Knowledge” traveling exhibition: When we started working with the wonderful folks of the West Virginia Center for the Book about parking Gateway to Knowledge at the […]

A New Catalog in Town

The following is a guest post by Donna Scanlon, Electronic Resources Coordinator in our Collections and Services Directorate.  (Donna used to contribute to “Inside Adams,” the blog of the Science, Technology and Business Division): If you have been in any of the Library of Congress reading rooms lately you may have had an opportunity to […]

Gateway to Knowledge Guest Post #1

The is the first in what will probably be a long series of guest posts from Abigail and Josh Van Gelder, who will be traveling the country with our Gateway to Knowledge exhibition-on-wheels.  This one comes from Abigail: It finally came time to pack up our suitcases and move into our traveling home; we’ve grown […]

Make Your National Book Festival Battle Plan

We try to give book-lovers as much information as possible about the National Book Festival, in a useful way, on our website.  It might seem a little daunting, what with six author pavilions and numerous other attractions spread out across four city blocks on the National Mall and a sea of about 130,000 other people […]

‘Gateway to Knowledge’ Now Rolling Toward D.C.

After a very long time in the planning stages, our “Gateway to Knowledge” traveling exhibition is finally becoming a reality. We were emailed a photo today (shown at right) that got everyone buzzing.  It’s the first picture I have seen of the actual truck, rather than a rendering.  (Don’t worry; I don’t think it was […]