Tweeting Live: Stress and Its Impacts

We all have dealt with stress at one time or another – whether it’s the demands of work, family responsibilities, day-to-day hassles of life or all of the above. Frankly, for many people, being “stressed out” is just part of their regular routine. According to Dr. George Chrousos, chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at […]

Take Those Comics Seriously!

Comics and cartoons are well-loved because they’re funny.  Most of us think of them as a break in the monotony of a working day, a light moment, a chuckle over our morning coffee. But for some, mirth is money.  Those people tend to take their comics more seriously. Take, for example, the reaction to “The […]

Full of Hot Air

A bat in the belfry? Maybe. A tree growing in Brooklyn? Sure. A light in the attic? Of course. But, a dirigible in the Library’s Jefferson Building? It happened. Walking the institution’s resplendent halls, you come across lovely murals, elaborate ornamentation, gilded embellishments, and, as it turned out the other day, two rather large balloons […]

Unlocking Sounds of the Past

You may recall reading about some early audio recordings of Alexander Graham Bell being recently recovered. Thanks to Library of Congress technology, these recordings and others can now have a new life. The following is a story by Mark Hartsell, editor of the Library’s newsletter, The Gazette, on how the institution is working to accomplish […]

Straight to Your Inbox

Almost everything the Library of Congress does, you can get an email about it. And, no, I’m not making a “Portlandia” reference either. From our potpourri of services to general news to topic specific information – even this blog – you can be only one click away from the latest updates the institution has to […]

Lobbying for the Silver Screen

The following is a guest post by Brian Taves, senior cataloging specialist in the Library’s Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division. A new gift to the Library’s Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division reminds us that movies are more than just the image on the screen and the sounds that accompany them. They […]

Pretty in Pink

Soon all of Washington, D.C. will be blossom-crazy thanks to the upcoming National Cherry Blossom Festival –  a signature event for the capital region – set for March 20 through April 27. This year, all the stops are being pulled out as the celebration marks the 100th anniversary of the gift of trees from Tokyo […]

To Borrow From Google … and Rossini … and the Cosmos

What do leaping frogs and composer Gioachino Rossini have in common? Well, thanks to today’s Google doodle the two are brought together rather comically – not only does today mark the cosmic anomaly of leap day but it’s also the 220th birthday of Rossini … or his 53rd, depending upon which way you roll. After […]