Flickr Photos, Then and Now

A wonderfully innovative fan of the Library’s pilot project with Flickr photos decided to restage a World War II-era photo for the modern day, at the same exact location as the original. (The first thing you’ll notice, as the author points out, is that there are many more trees today.) It immediately reminded me of […]


Did you know that there is a “White House Commission on Remembrance“? The Commission, established by Public Law 106-579, has a 10-year mission to “sustain the American spirit through acts of remembrance on Memorial Day and throughout the year … institutionalize the National Moment of Remembrance … enhance the commemoration and understanding of Memorial Day […]

Library of Congress Acquires Spider-Man's 'Birth Certificate'

  Comic Book Guy of “The Simpsons” has been known to have a cardiac episode or two. But an acquisition the Library of Congress just made might give his heart its “worst episode ever.” (Apologies for borrowing the pun from that particular “episode.”) “Spider-senses” all around the Library were set tingling when we learned that […]

My First ‘Bloggiversary’

My, how time flies. If I weren’t back on Atkins, I might be tempted to track down a cupcake and a birthday candle, because today is the first anniversary of this blog. (It is also, not coincidentally, the 208th birthday of the Library of Congress, a milestone this blog itself will not reach until the […]

Can a Building Get Fan Mail?

I appreciate all of the email feedback I get, both the positive and, yes, even the negative constructive criticism. I got an email yesterday, however, that was too good not to share it in its entirety, with the author’s permission. And I swear we didn’t pay him to write this: I just visited the Library […]

Images of 'Hitler's Private Gallery' Now Online

There are probably few people about whom more words have been written than Adolf Hitler. But today the Library of Congress has helped add to the visual dimension surrounding one of the most reviled figures in history. You might have seen news a couple of weeks ago about a painting in Britain’s National Gallery. The […]