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Over the Rainbow, and More: Part 2

This is a continuation of my survey of songs recently added to the LOC’s National Recording Registry, indicating where they may be found in the NLS music collection. (Note that Over the Rainbow was covered in last week’s blog.)

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Harry Richmond’s 1929 recording of this Irving Berlin song was added to the registry. NLS patrons have several choices: Eight Pieces for B-Flat Clarinet (BRM29289), Popular Music Lead Sheets No. 12 braille (BRM28198) and audio, (DBM01285), and Irving Berlin Anthology (BRM36211).

Bill Brown offers instruction for piano at DBM03323, and for guitar at DBM03290.

I’ll Fly Away, as performed by the Chuckwagon Gang in 1948.

Braille: Gospel Classics, arranged by Mark Hayes, BRM36268; The Daily Ukulele, 365 Songs, by Liz Belof, BRM35979.

Large print: Gospel’s Best Music, Compiled by James Aaron Brown, LPM00759.

Instructional recordings by Bill Brown: Flute, DBM03255; alto saxophone, DBM02743; and banjo, DBM02316.

People, from the show “Funny Girl”

When a Pittsburgh rock station played this Barbra Streisand recording in 1964, I impatiently waited for the return of “yeah, yeah, yeah” British invasion sounds. But now I appreciate her performance of this Jule Styne/Bob Merrill classic. Find a braille edition in Showcase for Piano, Vol. 2, BRM34812;  The Best of Broadway: 80 Great Songs of the American Musical Theatre, BRM27011. A recorded version comes from Bill Brown’s Piano by Ear series (DBM03526).

The Eagles’ 1976 Greatest Hits

This album is another addition to the National Recording Registry.

From Bill Brown:
Already Gone, Guitar, DBM01985;
Tequila Sunrise: Bass, DBM03467; guitar, DBM03478;
Peaceful Easy Feeling: Bass, DBM03246; guitar, DBM03288.
Best of My Love, alto saxophone, DBM02707.

Braille music readers can find “Best of My Love” in Tonight I Celebrate My Love: and Other Contemporary Love Songs (BRM33879).

I hope that this blog has been helpful. As always, we are here to serve you so if you have questions, please contact us.

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