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Free Braille Music Scores: List No. 4

Dear Readers,

This is the FOURTH post announcing a new set of braille scores that are free for the asking.

There are more than 100 scores in the new spreadsheet  list. As before, these are scores that have been received over the years as gifts from individuals, libraries and braille producers.  They are duplicates of titles already held in the NLS music collection.

The scores are free for the asking and will be sent, to anyone, via Free Matter for the Blind, on a first-come-first-served basis.

This actually includes those who might not qualify for our regular services because of geographical location or citizenship. So let nothing hold you back. Whoever you are or wherever you are, if you are interested in braille music scores we are trying to offer what you need or want.

The list of currently available scores can be found at this link.

To claim your choices, please email the Music Section at nlsm@loc.gov putting “Braille Music Offer” in the subject line.

Please identify your selection(s) by the control number which is in column F.

And please provide your complete name and address so that we can get the scores to you.

As before the new list is still heavily laden with piano scores, we can’t help it. That is what mostly comes in as gifts. Be patient. There will be more titles and more instruments in future offerings.

Photo of Ayaka Isono reading braille music at the piano.

Photo of Ayaka Isono reading braille music at the piano.

We want to thank those who have given us feedback and suggestions regarding these offerings. And we invite further feedback. Just email us at nlsm@loc.gov.

Finally, if and when you receive any scores, please email us a quick note stating just that.

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