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Back to School: Method Books Edition (Part 1)

Although for most of us it still feels like the middle of summer outside, it is time for many folks to begin thinking about back-to-school, and the new books and supplies for the year. That, of course, includes books for music classes, band, and orchestra. In the past, we’ve discussed books for college students, and some books for piano, voice and band students. However, we’ve never written in-depth about some of the method books we have available in the collection for band and orchestra students from elementary through high school. Below you will find a partial list of method books for wind instruments – there are many more that could not be listed here! As always, please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to order any of this material! Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we will provide information about more instruments not listed here.

A photo of the U.S. Army Band at War College, taken June 29, 1925. The band is standing on the steps of the college facing front.

U.S. Army Band at War College, 6/29/25. 1 negative, [19]25 June 29. //hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/npcc.13873


Alfred’s Basic Band Method for Flute or Oboe (BRM35232 [bk. 1], BRM35171 [bk. 2])
Rubank Boehm System Flute Chart (BRM35403)

Standard of Excellence: Flute (BRM32987 [bk. 1]: vol. 1, vol. 2 vol. 3; BRM34623 [bk. 2])

Large Print
Standard of Excellence: Flute (LPM00679 [bk. 1])


Alfred’s Basic Band Method for Flute or Oboe (BRM35232 [bk. 1], BRM35171 [bk. 2])
Fourteen Weeks to a Better Band: Flute/Oboe/Bells (BRM35526 [bk. 1], BRM35527 [bk. 2])
Oboe Fingering Chart, taken from The Belwin Orchestra Builder (BRM36174)
Rubank Elementary Method: Oboe (BRM30166)


Braille: B-flat Clarinet
Standard of Excellence: B-flat Clarinet (BRM32893 [bk. 1], vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3, vol. 4BRM35675 [bk. 2], BRM35853 [bk. 3])
Yamaha Band Student: B-flat Clarinet (BRM32991 [bk.1])

Braille: Bass Clarinet
The Belwin Band Builder: Bass Clarinet (BRM08481 [part 1], BRM08446 [part 2], BRM08507 [part 3])
The Belwin Orchestra Builder: Bass Clarinet (BRM10031 [part 1], BRM12389 [part 2])

Large Print
The Belwin Band Builder: Alto Clarinet (LPM00026)
Standard of Excellence: B-flat Clarinet (LPM00757)


Braille: E-flat Alto Saxophone
Breeze-easy Method: Saxophone (BRM35537)
Standard of Excellence: E-flat Alto Saxophone (BRM32993 [bk. 1], vol. 1, vol. 2; BRM35933 [bk. 2])

Braille: Tenor Saxophone
Belwin Band Builder: Tenor Saxophone (BRM08484 [part 1], BRM08436 [part 2], BRM08511 [part 3])
Yamaha Band Student: Tenor Saxophone (BRM35222 [bk. 1])

Braille: Baritone Saxophone
Belwin Band Builder: Baritone Saxophone (BRM08482 [part 1], BRM08437 [part 2], BRM08501 [part 3])

 Large Print
Standard of Excellence: E-flat Alto Saxophone (LPM00681)
Standard of Excellence: B-flat Tenor Saxophone by Bruce Pearson (LPM00671)


Belwin Band Builder: Bassoon (BRM08483 [part 1], BRM08444 [part 2], BRM08502 [part 3])
Belwin Orchestra Builder: Bassoon (BRM10028 [part 1], BRM12392 [part 2])


Braille: Mellophone/Eb Horn
Belwin Band Builder: Eb Mellophone or Eb French Horn (BRM08485 [part 1], BRM08440 [part 2], BRM08508 [part 3])

Braille: French Horn
Best in Class: Comprehensive Band Method: French Horn by Bruce Pearson (BRM36206, vol. 1, vol. 2)
Breeze-Easy Method: French Horn (BRM35571)
Rubank Intermediate Method: for French Horn (BRM11373)

Large Print
Rubank Advanced Method for French Horn (LPM00518)


Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet (BRM29288, vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3., vol. 4, vol. 5, vol. 6, vol. 7, vol. 8, vol. 9, vol. 10)
Essential Elements 2000: A Comprehensive Band Method  (BRM34657 [bk. 1], BRM35781 [bk.2])
Standard of Excellence: Trumpet/Cornet (BRM34591 [bk. 1], BRM33863 [bk. 2], BRM33053 [bk. 3])

Large Print
Standard of Excellence: Trumpet/Cornet  (LPM00740 [bk.1], LPM00767 [bk. 2], LPM00785 [bk. 3])


Rubank Intermediate Method for Trombone or Baritone (BRM00939)
Standard of Excellence: Baritone (BRM36004 [bk. 1])
Standard of Excellence: Trombone (BRM32989 [bk. 1], vol. 1, vol. 2; BRM35932 [bk. 2])

Large Print
Standard of Excellence: Trombone (LPM00673 [bk. 1], LPM00768 [bk. 2])


Belwin Band Builder: Bass (Tuba) (BRM05319 [part 1], BRM08432 [part 2], BRM08512 [part 3])
Belwin Orchestra Builder: Bass (Tuba) (BRM10020 [part 1], BRM12402 [part 2])

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