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New Catalog Available!

Cover of NLS Music Appreciation Catalog

Cover of NLS Music Appreciation Catalog

Maybe that’s not the most exciting news you’ll hear today, but we’re excited! The Music Appreciation Catalog is making its debut and ready for all patrons interested in learning about music.

Previously, we had music instruction and music appreciation joined together in one large print catalog, and while they were happy sharing the space, it was becoming crowded with all the new titles from both genres arriving.  Now, we’ve made the break and the Music Appreciation catalog contains titles covering composer biographies, educators, different periods of music history, and information about standard symphonic and wind instruments is available.


Gadski as Brunnhilde



And don’t worry opera fans; plenty of opera talks on plots, lectures and commentaries.




Yehudi Menuhin

It covers the information about the structure of classical music pieces in the Forms and Analysis section. Maybe you want to hear how the pros do it?  New titles available in the Master Classes section include artists such as Emanuel Ax, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Stephen Hough and Maxim Vengerov.

And it’s not all classical titles.  One of the pleasures of working for our patrons is learning about new artists and gaining an insight into a genre we’re not familiar with.  There is a section of Folk Music, along with jazz, ragtime, Blues and Broadway. Who doesn’t like to boogie and get down now and then?

Rock 'n' Roll dancing in a respectable London Dance Hall. Young woman holding young man by hand, as he leans backwards with his head close to the floor.

Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing in a respectable London Dance Hall. Young woman holding young man by hand, as he leans backwards with his head close to the floor.


Get the word out and let everyone know, we can help you learn to appreciate any sort of music!  And stay tuned for more catalogs; the revised instructional catalog will be coming soon. You can learn about a music genre, then learn how to play it.  How cool would that be?

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