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Photo Blog #22: Nagging Mysteries

For this posting, #22 in our series, we revisit a few previously posted but still unknown photos.  We still hope that someone, somewhere, will be able to tell us who (or what) they are.  As always, “clicking”
on the image will increase it in size.  As excellent suggestions, clues or answers are submitted, we will update this blog accordingly.  Thank you!

  1. Probably a musical group–but what is their name either collectively or individually?

2. This gentleman might be an actor, a producer, a director…?  We’d love to know his name.

3. We have some good guesses for this lady.  But can’t yet confirm her identity.

4. Anyone know this lady or the production that she is in?

SOLVED!:  Eleanor Wold in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Patience” (1973).–Thanks LOOM!

5.  Could this be the actress Cynda Wilson or someone completely different?

6. This woman might be a star of stage or screen or of the opera or music worlds.  But we don’t know.

7.  This extremely familiar looking man has yet to be ID-ed.

8.  We assume that this man is in costume for something but haven’t yet determined the title of the work or who he is.

UPDATE:  Many have suggested Rutger Hauer for this photo but the Library reached out to Mr. Hauer and he says it’s not him.

9.  Another gent who might be from in front of or behind the scenes.  Who is he?

10.  We’d like to know the name of this dashing gent with the carnation.

11. This lady may be a Brit based upon the envelope we found this photo in but we don’t know who she is.

12.  Anyone recognize this man?

13. This could be from a film, TV special or just someone’s really interesting wedding.  We’d love to hear your guesses.

14. We can’t show you the rest of this heavily cropped photo, but hopefully someone will recognize is woman’s face.

15.  Another executive who might not even be from the film industry.  Still, we hope he looks familiar to someone.


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