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Photo Blog #14: More Musical Mysteries

It’s #14 of our unknown photos series!  This time, we return to some photos that are of a musical nature–or so they seem.  We welcome your suggestions regarding the names of the people in any of the shots below.  As always, as they are identified, we will update this blog accordingly.  As always as well, ”clicking” on any of the images below will increase them in size so that they are easier to see.  Many thanks!

31. This trio of men might be a music group or perhaps a dance troupe.  We’d love to know a name or names, either individually or together.

112. We believe the man in the vehicle is music super-producer Rick Rubin, but who is the man standing outside of the car?


3.  Anyone know this dancing young lady?


4.  The above five people certainly look like a music group.  Anyone know their name?


5.  This might be a musician heavily inspired by Bowie or a model showing off some innovative, 3-D face painting.  Does anyone know?

1636. Is this a musical group, a comedy troupe or the cast of a TV show?

SOLVED:  Musical group, Crazy 8’s.–Thanks to David W.


7.  The lady in the armor might be in a video or even an opera.  Regardless, who is she?

SOLVED:  Louise Lecavalier of dance group La La La Human Steps.–Thanks to Zeneden!

d77 - Copy

8.  These might be “head shots” for a rocker or an actor.  We welcome guesses.


9.  Anyone know this group, any of the individuals or what brought them all together for this photo?


10.  We’d welcome knowing the names of either of these individuals.

UPDATE:  Not musical, but could this be Willie Davis, onetime baseball star?

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