Inside the Exhibition “Drawing Justice: The Art of Courtroom Illustration”

The following is an interview featuring Sara W. Duke, Curator of Popular and Applied Graphic Arts, Prints and Photographs Division. Running through October 28, a new exhibit at the Library of Congress, “Drawing Justice: The Art of Courtroom Illustration,” showcases extensive collections of original courtroom art held by the Prints and Photographs Division. Represented are […]

Sumo Sights

On a recent trip to Japan, I was on a tour bus from Nikko to Tokyo. At one point, the driver suddenly lowered the overhead television screens and the tour guide began to narrate the final match of the March Sumo Wrestling Tournament taking place in Osaka. She explained the intricacies of Shinto traditions that […]

American National Red Cross Collection: Newly Digitized Photos

The following is a guest post by Jonathan Eaker, Reference Librarian, Prints & Photographs Division. On May 21, 1881, Clara Barton founded the American National Red Cross to provide relief services during times of war and disaster. In honor of its Founder’s Day, I would like to highlight some newly digitized images from our American […]

May Day Scenes

Welcome to May–a month of sunshine, colorful blooms, and excitement for the summer! When the first of the month, May Day, rolls around, I think of flowers, ribbon poles, and a Renaissance fair vibe. As fortune would have it, I found these ideas encapsulated in a single photograph, below. As I continued browsing the Prints […]

Witness to History: Civil War Photographs

Last month’s offering in this series of posts about documentary and photojournalism collections noted how the Crimean War posed an opportunity—and enormous challenges—to British photographer Roger Fenton. Just six years later, a conflict on American soil, likewise, fueled Mathew Brady’s entrepreneurial ambitions, leading to some of the best known photographic documentation of the Civil War. […]

Caught Our Eyes: It’s Electric!

I am the first to admit that my knowledge of cars is rather limited. And perhaps like me, you thought electric cars were a relatively new phenomenon. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across the 1919 photograph below of a car being charged! Much to my astonishment, the first practical electric car was invented in […]