Absorbing Details in the Classroom: Photographs of Schoolroom Interiors

The semester is well underway in many U.S. schools and, by now, one would expect their classrooms to have acquired what my family referred to as the “lived-in look.” One of my favorite photo detail explorations is to peer closely at classrooms—particularly what appears at students’ seats, on the chalkboards and adorning the walls—and to […]

Reaching Out with Prints and Photographs

We always enjoy opportunities to share samples of our holdings and resources at public events and had two chances to do so in the last couple of weeks. October is designated as American Archives Month, which provides a chance for cultural institutions to reach out to local communities and share the valuable resources available in […]

October Light

But I am glad for the luck of light. Surely it is godly, that it makes all things begin, and appear, and become actual to each other. — from “October” by May Swenson There is a distinct quality to October sunlight. A softer radiance than the harshness in summertime, scenes glow with an amber or […]

Picturing a Love of Reading

The love of reading crosses all boundaries, appealing to people of all ages, races, genders, and walks of life. For hundreds of years, readers have opened books to learn about history or science or to discover new, imaginary worlds. Books have furnished inspiration, excitement, and relaxation. The possibilities are limitless. Within our collections, I found […]

A Welcome Symbol for the New Librarian of Congress

Along with my picture-loving colleagues, I’d like to nominate one of our favorite depictions of Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom, as an appropriate symbol with which to mark the arrival of the new Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden. This mosaic of a studious Minerva greets visitors, researchers and staff in an area overlooking the […]

Alumni Memories

College students have been back on campus for a few weeks now, and homecoming season is fast approaching. Although my college years are not yet too far behind me, I fondly reminisce about the days spent in those hallowed halls of learning. These classroom images below remind me of early morning lectures and exploratory laboratory […]

Signs of Their Times: A Few of My Favorite Signs

In this final installment in the “Signs of Their Times” series drawing from the Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information (FSA/OWI) Photograph Collection, I offer a few of my miscellaneous favorites. To begin, I can’t imagine any librarian, or book-lover for that matter, could resist this 1940 appeal from the “The Mogollon School […]