How Can We Improve Our Site for K-12 Educators?

The Library's site for Educators,

The Library’s site for Educators,

If you follow this blog, you’re most likely familiar with the Library’s web site for K-12 educators, We’re proud of the classroom materials, professional development, and other resources we offer on the site. However, we know that there’s always room for improvement, and we know that those improvements start with your input.

As we consider adjusting our site to better support the Library’s K-12 educator audience, we’d like to ask for your help. In the comments, please share any insights based on your experience with using the site. We’d love to know what we’re doing right, what we could do more of or do better, and what we could retire.

  • What do you find invaluable about
  • What functionality or content could we add?
  • What could we safely remove?
  • How else could we improve our online teacher resources?

Please provide your feedback in the comments, and we look forward to the conversation.

An Updated Portal for African American History Month

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