Digital Preservation Pioneer: Clifford Lynch

Clifford Lynch is widely regarded as an oracle in the culture of networked information. Lynch monitors the global information ecosystem for cultural trends and technological developments. He ponders their variables, interdependencies and influencing factors. He confers with colleagues and draws conclusions. Then he reports his observations through lectures, conference presentations and writings. People who know […]

CURATEcamp Exhibition: Exhibition in and of the Digital Age

Alongside this year’s Digital Preservation 2013 meeting, I am excited to announce that we will also be playing host to a CURATEcamp unconference focused on exploring the idea of exhibition. For those unfamiliar with unconferences, the key idea is that the participants define the agenda and that there are no spectators, everyone who comes should plan […]

What are We Going to do About Hardware?

On May 20-21, 2013, the Library of Congress hosted one in its series of small invitational digital content at-risk summits, this one on the topic of software preservation. “Preserving.exe: Toward a National Strategy for Preserving Software” covered a wide range of topics around software preservation, every type of software and interactive media art and engaged multiple […]

Explore Innovative Ideas Across the Digital Information Landscape at Digital Preservation 2013

We like to think (and hope) that our blog The Signal acts as an informative resource from which to learn and engage in conversations of digital preservation work.  We hope that it exposes you to interesting projects and people stewarding digital collections, and that it creates opportunities to expose you to the wider community of […]

IIPC @10

Late in April, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the International Internet Preservation Consortium gathered for its annual General Assembly. This year is the 10th anniversary of the organization, and we marked the milestone by reflecting on our past accomplishments and thinking about how the members could work together to make positive and lasting impacts on the field of […]

What Do Researchers Want From Institutions that Preserve Digital Content?

A smart-alecky way to answer the question in the title above would be: “why everything, of course.”  But we don’t traffic in snark here, at least not intentionally. User expectations influence so much of what stewardship organizations do. We collect and preserve all content primarily to support use, but the issue is especially important in […]

Reality Check: What Most People Actually Do with Their Personal Digital Archives

While Noah Lenstra was working on a website about African-American history in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, many of the people he met at local public libraries, churches and businesses told him they had personal and family memorabilia they wanted to digitize, or they had digital stuff that they didn’t know what to do with. Lenstra, a PhD student […]

The State Electronic Records Initiative: Content Matters Interview

This is a Guest Post by Abbie Grotke, the Library of Congress Web Archiving Team Lead and Co-Chair of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Content Working Group. In this installment of the Content Matters interview series of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Content Working Group, I interview Jim Corridan, President of the Council of State […]