Explore Innovative Ideas Across the Digital Information Landscape at Digital Preservation 2013

We like to think (and hope) that our blog The Signal acts as an informative resource from which to learn and engage in conversations of digital preservation work.  We hope that it exposes you to interesting projects and people stewarding digital collections, and that it creates opportunities to expose you to the wider community of […]

IIPC @10

Late in April, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the International Internet Preservation Consortium gathered for its annual General Assembly. This year is the 10th anniversary of the organization, and we marked the milestone by reflecting on our past accomplishments and thinking about how the members could work together to make positive and lasting impacts on the field of […]

What Do Researchers Want From Institutions that Preserve Digital Content?

A smart-alecky way to answer the question in the title above would be: “why everything, of course.”  But we don’t traffic in snark here, at least not intentionally. User expectations influence so much of what stewardship organizations do. We collect and preserve all content primarily to support use, but the issue is especially important in […]

Reality Check: What Most People Actually Do with Their Personal Digital Archives

While Noah Lenstra was working on a website about African-American history in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, many of the people he met at local public libraries, churches and businesses told him they had personal and family memorabilia they wanted to digitize, or they had digital stuff that they didn’t know what to do with. Lenstra, a PhD student […]

The State Electronic Records Initiative: Content Matters Interview

This is a Guest Post by Abbie Grotke, the Library of Congress Web Archiving Team Lead and Co-Chair of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Content Working Group. In this installment of the Content Matters interview series of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Content Working Group, I interview Jim Corridan, President of the Council of State […]

Hydra’s Open Source Approach: An Interview with Tom Cramer

The following interview is a guest post from Karen Cariani, Director of the WGBH Media Library and Archives at WGBH Educational Foundation and Co-Chair for the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Infrastructure Working Group.  Open source software is playing an important role in digital stewardship. In an effort to better understand the role open source software is […]

Open Data and Preservation

Yesterday, May 9, 2013, the U.S. government issued an executive order and an open data policy mandating that federal agencies collect and publish new datasets in open, machine-readable, and, whenever possible, non-proprietary formats.  The new policy gives agencies six months to create an inventory of all the government-produced datasets they collect and maintain; a list […]

Fifty Digital Preservation Activities You Can Do

The following is a guest post by Tess Webre, former intern with NDIIPP at the Library of Congress Preservation Week 2013 might be over, but digital preservation must go on every week of the year. In truth, preservation is an ongoing, long lasting process that requires active management. Don’t despair, though. I have some helpful suggestions to […]

Ian MacKaye and Citizen Archiving

I think of “citizen archivists” as the first responders of history, arriving early on the scene to gather, capture, describe and preserve ephemeral artifacts of interest and helping to ensure that they survive over time to share with the future. Thoughts on citizen archivists and their importance to institutions like ours were running through my […]