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Archive: October 2023 (5 Posts)

Title page of The Crystal by Frederick Hockley

The Mysterious Manuscripts of Frederick Hockley

Posted by: Amanda Zimmerman

This post explores a set of mysterious manuscript volumes in the Harry Houdini Collection. These manuscripts were written by Frederick Hockley, noted participant in the British Occult Revival of the late 19th century, and they contain the results of his experiments with the art of crystal-gazing.

Image of James Merril in black-and-white.

With Love, Jimmy : The James Merrill Collection

Posted by: Mark Manivong

James Merrill (1926-1995) was a poet and writer who won nearly every major poetry award in the United States. The Rare Book and Special Collections Division acquired a Merrill Collection in 2015 that holds a surprising number of his works bearing inscriptions to his romantic partners. This blog post looks at some of the inscriptions to four of Merrill's lovers.