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The Six Stages at the National Book Festival

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We are just days away from the 2023 Libray of Congress National Book Festival! Whether you are a first-time attendee or have been to all of the Festivals over the past 22 years, we are excited to welcome you.

You’re invited to share your excitement for the National Book Festival to your community on social media. This toolkit includes branded festival graphics, links to festival resources and the Library’s social media and more.

As you check out our schedule and take a look around the Washington Convention Center, you may notice a few differences in the way that we are bringing the programming to you this year. Instead of the previous genre stages, we have remixed the panels, talks, interviews and other author events across six new stages. For each stage’s lineup of programming, click on its name below.

Creativity Stage (Ballroom BC): Our main stage showcases the creative ways writers wrestle with and reimagine our realities. This stage features fiction, memoir, history, book to film adaptations and books for young readers.

Inspiration Stage (Ballroom A): This stage stars conversations that inspire us to reflect on ourselves and the world. This stage features an expansive range of literature, including fiction, speculative fiction, horror, historical fiction, memoir, history, science, poetry and contemporary nonfiction.

Insight Stage (East Salon ABC): The issues and stories on this stage offer insight into how society and culture affect our lives. This stage features history, biography, memoir, science, food, historical fiction, literary craft and lifestyle.

Understanding Stage (West Salon GHI): The writers on this stage encourage us to dig deep and reveal different perspectives and complex worlds. This stage features literary fiction, science fiction, thrillers, historical fiction, mystery, memoir, poetry and young adult fiction.

Curiosity Stage (Room 202 AB): Engage your curiosity! Connect with writers who draw you in with their engrossing stories, both for adult and young adult audiences. This stage features young adult fiction and nonfiction, poetry, memoir and literary fiction.

Discovery Stage (Room 204 ABC): On this stage, younger readers will discover the ways stories new and familiar come to life. This stage features picture books, middle grade fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels, and books for young adults.

Which stage are you most intrigued by? What authors are you excited to see? We hope you follow your literary nose all over the convention center. You’re sure to have an engaging and fun experience.

And don’t forget to wear your walking shoes. We’ll see you there!

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