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Meg Medina, 2023-24 National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, January 24, 2023. (Shawn Miller/Library of Congress)

Catch National Ambassador Meg Medina on Tour and Invite Her to Your Community!

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This blog post was co-written by Anya Creightney, primary administrator for National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature program. 

Meg Medina, the 8th National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, will soon set off on the second leg of her national tour.

Meg Medina, surrounded by colorful balloons, holds her National Ambassador for Young People's LIterature medal in both hands and smiles
Meg Medina smiles at the attendees of her event at the Newburgh Free Library in Newburgh, New York. Photo Credit: Newrburgh Free Library. 

Meg begins her journey on Tuesday, September 12th at the Nashville Public Library and she will close her tour at the Nampa Public Library on Monday, November 16th. Meg will also appear at area public schools during each of her official tour stops. In the fall of 2023, Meg will engage students and book talk with hand-selected “Cuéntistas” at J. E. Moss Elementary School, Westmeade Elementary School, Mt. View Elementary School, Mill Creek Middle School, and Sage Valley Middle School. Come see her at any of the below public libraries!

  • Nashville, TN:

September 12, 6pm at Nashville Public Library in Nashville, Tennessee

  • Kent, WA:

November 14, 6pm at Kent Library/King County Library System in Kent, Washington

  • Nampa, ID:

November 16, 6pm at Nampa Public Library in Nampa, Idaho

Meg Medina speaks with a teen onstage, with the Newburgh Free Library background behind her. Meg and the teen are facing each other, both holding mics.
Meg Medina and Cuéntista Lennox G. book talk on stage during Meg’s stop in Newburgh, NY. Photo Credit: Newrburgh Free Library

If you’d like to host Medina in your community in 2024, you may submit your proposal between September 6th and October 5th. Submissions will be accepted via the Library’s program partner Every Child a Reader at the following website:

Please note that hosting organizations—both the public library and the school(s)—are required to collaborate to submit one (1) single application. Because program requirements are specific, we invite you to review our checklist prior to submittal. We encourage you to provide detailed information about not only your school(s) and your public library, but also your community, as a mixture of passion and specificity helps narrow winning applications.

Cuéntame Logo: "Cuéntame" in orange above an outline of two kids, sitting back to back and each reading a yellow book. Below, the text reads: "Let's talk books" and "Meg Medina"

During each stop on her tour, Medina will engage readers via her platform “Cuéntame!: Let’s talk books.” Inspired by the phrase Spanish-speaking friends and families use to catch up with one another, “Cuéntame!” encourages connection amongst classrooms, libraries, and communities through book talking—a tool readers use to describe what makes a book special or unique. Not to be confused with a book report, book talking helps personalize reading by making it applicable to real, daily life. For Meg, it is this type of engagement that propels students to next-level enrichment.

Meg Medina and a moderator are sitting onstage with the Newburgh Free Library backdrop behind them. It is decorated with balloons and papel picado. The moderator and people seated in the audience clap for Meg.
Meg closes her event with enthusiastic applause in Newburgh, NY. Photo Credit: Newrburgh Free Library

To learn more about Meg Medina’s tour, click here: and

And keep in touch. Let us know in the comments if you plan to visit any of these events!


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