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Happy Birthday to our Poet Laureate

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Philip Levine at his inaugural reading

The Poetry and Literature Center would like to wish Philip Levine a happy 84th birthday! The Library’s 18th Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry gave a vivacious and engaging reading last October, and we look forward to his return this spring.

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  1. Happy Birthday and may you have many more years of poetic bliss!

  2. Thank you for your gifts! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. Levine! We are delighted by your work and wish you many happy returns!

  4. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest poetic voices of our times. Thank you for the beauty and sincerity that you have brought into our world. You are one of the guiding lights that help direct us toward our better selves. All good things always!
    Harry Dunstan

  5. Happy Birthday! It’s quite an accomplishment to be Poet Laureate and enhance this form of writing for generations to come, congratulations.

  6. Happy Birthday! It’s quite an accomplishment and encouragement to people of all ages to be Poet laureate, thankyou.

  7. Hi Philip, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Near You, EAV

  8. You are one of my favorite poets. I’ve
    enjoyed you since my own youth. I am a
    recent Birthday Celebrant myself, my
    76ith. I’ve been fooling around with
    poetry and it’s pleasures since I was nine
    years old. The older I get, the more
    I appreciate reading and writing poetry, and learning about poets. I’ll see you
    on April 26, when your poem, “Soloing”
    comes up in my treasured “Poem A Day Book.”
    Mary Dimon Riley

  9. Happy birthday and best wishes to you Philip Levine !!

  10. Happy Birthdy My Friend, We will always need Our Teachers to remember that,” The Living Words of Every Living Thing Both can Speak a New Language of The Heart, or Sing a New Song of Joy to Our World, and To Each and every living thing God So Created”, may this Bring You and All Our Teachers a Gift from God’s Children of Obedience, a Living Library of Some Pretty Good Reading. Thank All of You Whom Took The Time To Teach Us How to Read and To Write and To Spell all these wonderful Words, that have learned How to Speak and to Sing, We Shall always remember those Whom Have Taught Us Everything. We Shall ever need to Overcome Ourselves and All other Things, For She Is Wisdom, She Is Beauty, She Has Memory and She Is Forgiving and Very Loving, Our Heavenly Father Created Her too, and We Love Her Lillies at The Well, too. Now That Is some Pretty Wonderful Stuff. God Blessed Everything He Made. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ Himself, always saves all Dad’s Work, so that we would always have a Treasury too. The Words are written on The Wind and God is The Wind Beneath Our Wings, That is Why We are The babes and we are all of One Breath. Have a Great Day and a Beautiful Life. Thankyou very Much for a Beautiful Mind too. Admiral O’Dell-Birdwell, Much Ablidged.

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