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Lit Links for the Work Week

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J. D. McClatchy, poet and martini expert. Photo by Geoff Spear.

According to the Smithsonian’s “Surprising Science” blog, a life of reading and writing can help you stave off mental decline as you age. This is fantastic news for us at the Poetry and Literature Center, or was until we read the part about reaching peak mental agility at 22. On the plus side, our non-peak brains are getting all geared up for National Book Festival in September. Think of how many years—non-peak years—we’ll add on with all those books!

Speaking of a bunch of books, the Millions released its list of the most anticipated new releases for 2013. The first half was promising and included one of our favorite authors, Karen Russell. You can check out her charming interview on our website—after you get done salivating at all the new titles you can’t read yet, that is.

Speaking of salivating, the Academy of American Poets posted a new feature of recipes from famous poets on their website. Tracy K. Smith’s “Old Fashioned Tea Cakes” look amazing, as does J. D. McClatchy’s “Lucky Pierre Martini.” May we suggest you enjoy one while listening to his reading and commentary on our Poetry of American Identity website—there’s a little wait, but it should be up soon!

So that covers sound and taste, stimulate another of your five senses by looking at the gorgeous illustrations from Brain Pickings continuing articles on the Graphic Canon. Yet another reason to be excited for National Book Festival and this year’s impressive tent of graphic novelists and science fiction authors.