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Hooray to Our New Poet Laureate!

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We at the Poetry and Literature Center are thrilled the Librarian has selected Charles Wright to be the twentieth Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry at the Library of Congress. And we’re not the only ones—the media response has been impressive. Peter Armenti has put together a terrific web guide for Mr. Wright, and he’s adding links by the minute. Here are a few highlights:

Wright is no stranger to the Library—in 2008 he won our Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize in Poetry (and he’s the first Bobbitt winner to become Laureate). He also participated in the PLC’s “Fellowship of Southern Writers Celebration,” organized by fellow southerner and Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey. Here is a picture of Laureates 19 and 20 with the Librarian of Congress, standing on the balcony to the PLC’s Poetry Room.


We are excited to work with Charles Wright, and we hope you can join us on Thursday, September 25th for his opening reading at the Library!


  1. I was born about 35 miles from Pickwick Dam,Tennessee and one year after he. The sights and sounds which are meaningful to him are also deep within my soul and memory. I always feel that I am with him as he looks and feels. Maybe it is the Tennessee River still flowing within us.

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