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“Es mi Familia”: La Familia Word Cloud

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Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera’s year-long epic poem project, “La Familia,” which has been going strong since mid-September, has reached its halfway point. Is there a better way to celebrate this milestone, we asked ourselves, than by putting your submissions into a word cloud generator? Well, no. So we did it! Check out the results below. The fun thing about word clouds, and in part what makes them so useful, is that the sizing of a word is relative to the number of times it is detected by the generator. You can see below that the words “es,” “mi,” and “familia” are used the most across each of the poem’s four themes, as they are larger than the rest. Recognize any of these words from your own submissions? And speaking of submissions, keep them coming! Click here to add your words to the “La Familia’s” current theme: “Thank-You Poems to Our Vets.”


Word Cloud of La Familia Submissions

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  1. How wonderful that “family” and “love” are the largest English words.

  2. If I close my eyes just a little bit, the poem blurs to a cubist painting, with interesting negative spaces. Thank you!

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