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Two Weeks Left to Contribute to “Catalina Neon” Chapter Three!

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Illustration by Juana Medina
                 Catalina Neon! (illustration by Juana Medina)

Calling all grade school librarians and teachers across the country: Now’s the time to work with your second and third graders to read Chapter Two of “The Technicolor Adventures of Catalina Neon” and respond to the prompt, helping Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera decide what happens to Catalina and her dog, Tortilla, in Chapter Three. With two weeks left in this submission period, we want your wild, energetic, electric, neon collaboration and participation!

Our poet laureate will select his favorite contributions after the deadline on December 15, then write the new chapter with help from illustrator Juana Medina.

Okay, neonis: Ready, set, write!