“Pins of Myself”: Library of Congress Launches Walt Whitman Pinterest Board

Walt Whitman was born on May 31, 1819. Although From the Catbird Seat just highlighted a “lost” Whitman poem recently discovered at the Library, we decided that Whitman’s multitudes should not be contained by a single post, or even two posts, in the lead-up to his birthday. The best way to honor Whitman, we thought, […]

The Process of Discovery: How a New Walt Whitman Poem was Found at the Library of Congress

Walt Whitman enthusiasts were treated to a surprise last December when news broke that Wendy Katz, an associate professor of art history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, had discovered a new poem by Whitman. The poem, titled “To Bryant, the Poet of Nature,” was uncovered by Katz in May 2014 as she examined penny press […]

Walt Whitman’s War Work: Primary Sources in the English Classroom

The following is a guest post by Rebecca Newland, Teacher in Residence at the Library of Congress. It is cross posted on the Teaching with the Library of Congress blog. One way for teachers to engage students with poetry is to connect poems and poets to historical events. Students gain a deeper appreciation of poets […]