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The National Film Registry’s Copyright Connection

Posted by: Alison Hall

Today, the Library of Congress and the National Film Preservation Board announced this year’s list of films added to the National Film Registry. Many favorite films are already part of the Registry, including Star Wars, The Muppet Movie, Airplane!, This Is Spinal Tap, The Breakfast Club, Top Gun, and The Princess Bride. This year’s additions do …


Celebrating Female Songwriters

Posted by: Alison Hall

While closing out our celebration of Women’s History Month, I discovered that female songwriters have been registering works with the Copyright Office for more than 147 years. I began my research with book one of the official U.S. Copyright Office record book, which contains registrations of several songs written by women in 1870. As I …

The Copyright Office Celebrates Women

Posted by: Alison Hall

Today is International Women’s Day. Here in the United States, we are in the midst of celebrating women’s history month. In recognition of these events, the Copyright Office wants to call attention to the women who contribute to creativity—both those who work (or have worked) in the Office and those who register their creative works. …