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Find Sports in Copyright

Posted by: Alison Hall

Photograph of the exterior of the National Gallery of Art's East Building; along the bottom is a blue banner with the words Find Yourself in Copyright and the Copyright Office's symbol

Find Architecture in Copyright

Posted by: Nicole Lamberson

Gold foil seal of stylized eagle surrounded by a large letter

Scholar Identifies First Motion Picture Copyright Registration

Posted by: George Thuronyi

Text appears on a yellow background with a quill placed inside an ink well in the lower right corner. Text reads, "Congress shall have promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries." Blue banner at the bottom of the screen reads, "Find Yourself in Copyright."

Find U.S. History in Copyright

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Header image to look like retro video game start screen, with the words "start game" in the center and colorful joysticks on each side. Along the bottom is a banner that says "Find Yourself in Copyright."

Find Video Games in Copyright

Posted by: Nicole Lamberson

Pride in Literature: Inspiring Authors for Everyone

Posted by: Holland Gormley

Exploring AAPI Murals in DC

Posted by: Nicole Lamberson

Statue of Superman in front of a building. He is standing with hands on his waist. The plinth reads, "Truth - Justice - The American Way."

Find Superman in Copyright: An Immigrant’s Story

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Find Star Wars in Copyright

Posted by: Alison Hall