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Black man sits at desk wearing headphones talking into a microphone

The Copyright Claims Board Is Here: Find Out If It’s Right for You!

Posted by: Nora Scheland

A person in a bright yellow sweater sits at a table, writing in a notebook; three grey and white icons float over the background on the left

What will the Implementation of the CASE Act mean for me? An Update on the Copyright Claims Board and Launch of

Posted by: Nora Scheland

Plates of various Greek dishes and bread laid out in the bottom half of a light blue wooden table. At the top of the pic are the words, "My Food, My Culture."

My Food, My Culture

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Chairs at a table in the background in a light blue hue. In the foreground is the U.S. Coyright Office official seat. Text at the bottom right reads, "The Case Act."

The CASE Act: Copyright Claims Board to Begin Hearing Cases in Spring 2022

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Blue, green, and orange concentric circles to represent computer technology. Text reading, "Artificial Intelligence: The Copyright Connection."

Artificial Intelligence: The Copyright Connection

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Copyright Office Presents: 150 Years of Celebrating Creativity

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Quaint and Curious Forgotten (Copyright) Lore

Posted by: Alison Hall

VCC copyright registration card for a medallion inspired by Apollo 11.

Apollo 11 and the Copyright Connection

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

rulemaking text and computer screen showing online form

The Copyright Office is on a Rulemaking Roll

Posted by: George Thuronyi