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Fingers type on a keyboard while 1s and 0s float around a blue background; text reads: Copyright and Artificial Intelligence Listening Sessions

#ICYMI: The Copyright Office Hears from Stakeholders on Important Issues with AI and Copyright

symbols of creativity on a blue toned desk

The Copyright Claims Board Celebrates Its First Year

Meet Olivia Charmaine Morris: A Champion for “People of Color and Colorful People”

Header image of hourglass dissolving into letters, numbers, and music notes, with the year 1927 overlaying them.

The Lifecycle of Copyright: 1927 Works In the Public Domain

muliticolor representation of Dolly Parton (left) and Whitney Houston (right)

Celebrating Women Through Their Copyright Story: Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston

Black man sits in front of a desk with three monitors, processing books from a library cart next to him

Copyright Deposit Requirements May Be Easier Than You Think

“Mechanical,” “Unmatched,” “Historical”: What Are the Differences between All These Royalties?

Artist, Dakarai Akil, standing on top of a rectangle rug and in front of two red chairs and a red wall with a work of art hanging on it.

A Tale of Black Resistance through Collage Artwork

Find Sports in Copyright