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Imagen de encabezado de la versión en español del blog. La imagen muestra una pila de libros junto a dos burbujas superpuestas. Uno dice Hello; el otro dice Hola. Una pancarta en la parte inferior central dice el Mes de la Herencia Hispana.

El derecho de autor en la traducción: Gregory Rabassa

Header image for English version of blog. Image shows a stack of books next to two overlapping bubbles. One says Hello; the other says Hola. A banner in the center bottom reads Hispanic Heritage Month.

Copyright in Translation: Gregory Rabassa

Gold foil seal of stylized eagle surrounded by a large letter

Scholar Identifies First Motion Picture Copyright Registration

Text appears on a yellow background with a quill placed inside an ink well in the lower right corner. Text reads, "Congress shall have promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries." Blue banner at the bottom of the screen reads, "Find Yourself in Copyright."

Find U.S. History in Copyright

Header image to look like retro video game start screen, with the words "start game" in the center and colorful joysticks on each side. Along the bottom is a banner that says "Find Yourself in Copyright."

Find Video Games in Copyright

Image of two tote bags: one of a zebra with a pale purple background and the letter Z in the top left corner; the other with an elephant on a pale yellow background with the letter E in the top left corner.

Junior Fellow’s Personal Experience with Copyright

On the right side of the screen, a young woman in her room, curtains drawn, participates in a Zoom call. She is facing forward and smiling. Left side of the screen reads, "Explore Your Creativity!"

Copyright and Me

A blue toned image of a woman looking at a ipad at a desk. Text reads: Copyright Claims Board and #CaseAct.

Should I Opt Out from CCB Proceedings?

Black man sits at desk wearing headphones talking into a microphone

The Copyright Claims Board Is Here: Find Out If It’s Right for You!