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French circus poster shows two performers in the basket of an airship navigated by a rudder and a propeller

“Venturesome Ladies”: Trailblazing Female Fliers

Posted by: Rachel Gordon

From its earliest days in the late 18th century, hot air ballooning caught the public imagination. Large crowds watched balloon flights, and aeronauts became celebrities. All balloonists were incredibly brave. Risking injury and even death with every ascent only added to their glamour and fame. The fliers, inventors and scientists involved in early balloon flights …

Two children seated at a table handling items, with an adult standing over them

Victory. Stand! Meet Tommie Smith, Human Rights Activist at the 1968 Olympics

Posted by: Alli Hartley-Kong

This post was written by Monica Valentine, Program Specialist in the Library’s Center for Literacy, Learning and Engagement 1968 was a turbulent year. Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, and protest movements echoed across the world. The summer Olympics in Mexico City were no exception to this backdrop. During the medal ceremony, …

Two children seated at a table handling items, with an adult standing over them

Jason Reynolds, Grab the Mic Newsletter: September 2022

Posted by: Alli Hartley-Kong

This newsletter is the latest in a series from Jason Reynolds, the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. It was originally published on the Library of Congress blog. It’s been a long time and I apologize for my absence. But I’ve been writing and reading and thinking, and reading some more, and writing some more. Oh, and sweating. …