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Headshot of author Meg Medina, a brown-haired woman wearing glasses, in a park

An interview with Meg Medina, the Eighth National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature

Posted by: Sasha Dowdy

The cover of the book "“Merci Suárez Changes Gears” with a drawing of a girl sitting in front of a bike and the Newbery medal displayed on it.

Meet Meg Medina, the Library’s New Ambassador for Young People’s Literature

Posted by: Alli Hartley-Kong

Six-year-old Ruby Bridges, thre

How Did Children Participate in the Civil Rights Movement?

Posted by: Alli Hartley-Kong

Author Jason Reynolds holds a microphone and smiles while on stage.

Jason Reynolds: Grab the Mic One Last Time

Posted by: Alli Hartley-Kong

A newspaper article with the headline "Convertible Toy Truck Wins Patent for Boy, 6" and featuring a photograph of a six-year-old child with closely-cropped hair

What Inventions Were Made by Kids? Inventing at the Library of Congress!

Posted by: Alli Hartley-Kong